DIY Cardboard IPod Boombox

Introduction: DIY Cardboard IPod Boombox

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Do you ever feel nostalgia for the days when 100 pound boom boxes were in style, or when there was a breakdance battle on every block? Well, you can now bring boom boxes back with a new and modern twist! This is how you can make a cardboard boom box with only a speaker, a marker, cardboard, glue, and your electronic device!

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

  • A cardboard box big enough to fit a speaker in
  • A portable speaker
  • A thick marker with a color of your choice
  • A hot glue gun with glue

Step 2: Measuring

When you've gathered up all your materials, your going to want to measure your speaker. Measure the length of it, as well as the width and height. You need to do this so that your speaker will be able to fit into the box.

Tip: If you don't have a speaker lying around, you can get one for real cheap at one of those five dollar stores.

Step 3: Working With the Cardboard

After you take measurements of your speaker, cut the cardboard. Just make sure that the speaker fits in the box, and also that it's the shape of a boom box :)

When you're done, hot glue gun the edges from inside of the cardboard box. This will make it so you won't see the glue from outside of the box. VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure that you don't glue the sides of the box yet, so you can put your speaker in it later.

Then, using the measurements of the speaker, cut a square in the middle of the box. Make sure it is around where the speaker port reaches, that it's in the center of the box, and that you can fit your electronic device through the opening.

Tip: If you have a cardboard box that has a nice shape and fits your speaker, you don't have to cut it.

Step 4: Decorating Time!

This is the fun part! What I did was get some inspiration off of some boom box pictures on the internet, and then drew all over it in a nice, thick, blue marker.

Tip: You can glue paper or card stock on the box if you want it to be white, not brown.

Step 5: The Finishing Touches...

You're almost done! Now put your speaker inside of the box, and glue on the remaining sides. If you want, you could cut out some slots on the top of the box and make a handle there. Then it's finished! Now you can admire the beautiful creation you just made, show your work off to your friends and make them super jealous, or bring it to the streets and play some sweet and stylish tunes.

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