DIY Cargo Bike (Front Rack)




Introduction: DIY Cargo Bike (Front Rack)

About: Hi, I am 16 years old and I love to make things!

This instructable shows how I created my front rack. I did not capture the whole proces, but I think its self-explanatory. I hope this helps some of you out, give some feedback! The rack was build to carry things like beer or a sound-system, I think it would also work for bike messaging. I used my fixed gear bike for this, but it should also work for a normal road bike. Or even any other bike with some adjustments. I was searching for a front rack but online they can be very expensive. I decided to try to make one myself! It was made really cheap, I only spent 7euros! (the crate was free)

Step 1: Parts

The main part of the rack is a plastic crate, I had this one laying around. It shouldn't be too hard to find one. (free)

To support the crate on the front axle, I used an aluminium L-profile. I bought 1meter of this at my local hardware store, and cut it in half. (4 euros)

To attach the crate to my handle bars, I used 2 pipeclamps. You should also find these at your local hardware store. (3 euros)

Step 2: Bending the Crate.

I used a figure saw to cut the crate in order to bend it 90°. I used a heatgun to bend the crate to its final shape. To hold the bend in place, I used a zip-tie and also a bolt and a nut. I dont have any footage of how I exactly did this, but I hope you can figure this out.

Step 3: Pipe Clamps

I used the two pipeclamps to attach the crate to my handle bars. I think zip ties would also work, but it won't be as strong. I did have to change the angle of my brake levers. Make sure that you can still use your brakes!

Step 4: The Aluminum Supports.

I drilled two holes to attach the L-profiles to my front axle, each profile is 50cm. Find the right hole size that will fit your bike. To attach the aluminum to the crate, I used two bolts and two nuts. It is important that at this point the crate is level. Make sure that the is enough space between the crate and your front wheel, as well as between the crate and your front brake.

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    5 years ago

    Excellent work :)


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    5 years ago

    That's a great cost effective way to make one :)