Introduction: Cardboard Cat House With Scratcher

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In this tutorial, I show you how to build a creative cat house with scratcher out of cardboard. Your cats will like it a lot.. All you need : 7 pieces of corrugated cardboard 1000x500mm, Cutter, Hot Glue Gun and Hot glue stick.

Step 1: Building the Two Facades

I began by tracing the shape of the facade: the external shape and the entrance of the house. The shapes chosen are similar to a cat's face. You find the dimensions in the attached picture. After, cut the cardboard using the cutter while following the shape drawn. Both sides are equivalent except that I chose to make the second entrance of the house to a cat paw shape.

Step 2: Making the Base and the 1st Scratcher

Secondly, I move to build the base of the house. I always start by drawing the shape following the dimensions written in the attached picture. The shape contains notches of 25mm length to improve the fixation with the facades.

After the cut, I built 3 cardboard beams, each of them contains 3 rectangular pieces of dimension 30x370mm. I glue them using hot glue.

To build the scratching post, I used rectangular cardboard pieces 35x370mm and stuck them next to each other until they filled the floor of the house.

Finally, I make the assembly of the two facades with the base.

Step 3: Shaping and Mounting the Side Elements

All the side pieces have the same length and the dimensions of the notches except that the widths are different. The width of each piece is defined by the photo of facade dimensions attached to the first step. After cutting, I use the ruler to bend the cardboard pieces to the desired shape.

Finally, I do the assembly of the side pieces one after the other.

Step 4: Building the 2nd Scratcher

Finally, it remains for me to finalize the 2nd scratcher. I begin by cutting the cardboard according to the dimensions mentioned in the photo attached. After folding, I put the rectangular pieces 30x370mm next to each other and I glue both ends. Then I put the scratching post in its location.

Hoping that you liked this creation!

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