Introduction: DIY Cat House

Why do dogs always get houses and all of the cool stuff? What about cats? I wanted to create one place where a cat could do everything it needs to do, sleep, scratch, play, and climb. Follow this Instructable if you want to make a house for your cat.


1.) 3 - 1" x 3" 8 Foot long boards

2.) 6 - 24" x 24" Pieces of plywood

3.) 8 - 2" Double wide corner brace

4.) 8 - 2" Corner brace

5.) 1 - 12" Hinge

6.) Variety of different size screws as needed throughout

7.) 1 - 96" x 96" piece of carpet cut to size

8.) Cat toys, Stickers for decoration, and Small bed (optional)


1.) Skill saw

2.) Electric drill Hammer

3.) Exacto Knife

4.) Staple gun

5.) Measuring tape

6) Pen (for marking)

Step 1: Making the Base Frames

Start by making the three base frames for your house.

Cut six 24" pieces of 1 x 3 board and cut six pieces of 13" 1 x 3 board. Lay out the wood to form a rectangle using two of the 24" pieces and two of the 13" pieces. Make sure your frame is laying on its side and is not flat.

Next you will drill two screws into the end of the 24" board and into the 13" board connecting the two pieces. Repeat this on all four corners so that you create a frame.

Make two more frames this same way.

Cut out two piece of plywood to be the same size as the frame. Secure the plywood to the frame using a staple gun. Only staple plywood on two of the frames. Leave one frame without.

Step 2: Connecting the Base Frames

Start by cutting the support posts out of your wooden boards.

You will need to cut eight 4.5" supports to connect two of the frames with a gap. Using the 2" double wide corner braces screw together two of the 4.5" boards in the upper holes of the brace. In the lower holes, screw the two posts to the inside of a corner of a frame making sure the plywood is on the bottom of the frame. Repeat this three more times so that all your corners of the frames have the supports attached.

Next attach the same corner braces to the top of the support posts, and lay the other frame with plywood over top so the ply wood is facing up. Secure these by drilling screws into the holes of the brace. Repeat this to all of the corners.

Then cut eight 11" wooden supports to hold up the final frame. Connect the support posts to the frame without plywood using the metal braces the same way as before. You will then connect the final frame (and supports) to the base using 2" single corner braces. These braces you will attach on both sides of the support beams to the base, (Reference picture.)

Step 3: Making the Plywood Walls

Connect plywood to the back of the house using a staple gun. If you purchased a larger piece of plywood, cut to size. If you have 24" x 24" plywood it should fit the back perfectly.

Cut one 24" piece of plywood in half to have two 12" x 24" pieces. Staple these to the sides, (There will be some space on either side.)

Step 4: Making the Roof

Begin by trimming 4" off two pieces of 24" x 24" plywood. (We did not do this first, and it was very difficult to trim while already attached.)

Attach the two pieces of plywood together using a 12" hinge. This will be your roof. Attach hinge using screws, if your screws are too long, and come through the plywood, hammer them sideways so that they are not sticking up.

Using long screws attach the roof to the top frame at an angle (See pictures.)

Step 5: Attaching the Carpet

Trim your carpet to fit the sides of your house leaving a little overhang that you will wrap around the front support posts. Using your staple gun secure the carpet around the inner side of your support posts. Cut and attach pieces of carpet to cover the support posts that you can see.

Cut a piece of carpet to cover the plywood of the floor on the inside of the house, you will want a piece cut to fit well and secure with the staple gun.

Cut carpet to fit one of the plywood roof sides leaving a bit of overhang on all sides except the back. Wrap this overhang to the bottom part of the plywood and secure with staple gun. Repeat on other side.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

Now that the main part of the house is complete it is time for the finishing touches.

Take some poster letters and tape them to the inside of the house to make a cat pun or "Catphrase". I chose to write "Cat Napping".

Take a cat toy that has toys attached to string and cut of the plastic handle. Staple that to the underside of the roof using a staple gun. You can do this to both sides, one side or neither of the sides.

Finally I put a bed inside of the house. You could either put the bed in the top compartment and leave the bottom open for storage, or you could put the bed in the bottom compartment and have two areas for your cat. It is up to you!

Step 7: Putting in the Cat!

Finally put your furry friend in the house! Don't worry if your cat does not like the house at first, it takes time to get used to how it feels and smells.

It also doesn't hurt to put some catnip toys in there at first!

Thank you for following along on making my cat house, I hope you enjoyed, and I hope that your house turned out great, and your cats love it!