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Introduction: DIY Cat Scratching Post Tower

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We almost never say that a project is quick and easy, but this one actually is!

We purchased the materials and made it all in a couple of hours.

Steph was fostering a cat, Axel, who took a liking to her new sofa. That wasn't going to work, so Steph came up with this scratching post idea to give her a better option for Axel to use other than her sofa.


Materials/ Tools:

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  • 3” PVC Pipe
  • 3” PVC Cap
  • 50’ 3/8” Rope
  • Wood Round
  • Felt or fabric of your choice
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Surebonder Battery Powered Glue Gun
  • Kreg Multi-Mark Multi-Purpose Marking and Measuring Tool
  • Gloves
  • DEWALT 20 in. Variable-Speed Scroll Saw
  • Bosch PVC Bits
  • DEWALT ATOMIC 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Compact Drill/Impact Combo Kit

Step 1: Watch the Video

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Step 2: Cover the Wood Round

We started with this wood round from The Home Depot. This is the smaller of the two sizes they carry. We laid it on a piece of felt and marked the cut line.

We sprayed the wood round with spray adhesive, placed the round on top, and smoothed it in place. We flipped the round over and hot glued the overhang to the bottom side. This worked really well as a team project. One to glue, the other to push the felt into place. Gloves are a must! Don't burn yourself!

Step 3: Attach PVC Pipe to Wood Round

I used a scroll saw to cut a wood circle to fit inside the PVC pipe. This is how we are going to attach the pipe to the wood round. A jig saw would work as well.

We clamped the PVC to the table and predrilled four holes around the base.

We screwed the wood circle to the wood round. We placed it off-center to give the cat a little more room on the front of the scratching post.

The PVC is then placed over the wood circle and secured into place using those four predrilled holes.

Step 4: Wrap PVC With Rope

Working as a team, we hot glued the rope to the PVC starting at the bottom.

For a finishing touch, we spray-painted a PVC cap and added it to the top of the scratching post.

This simple design lends itself to customization. The post can go in the center of the large round, it can be made taller, and perhaps a shelf could be included as fun perch for your kitty. You could use carpet, upholstery fabric, or even drop cloth material from the hardware store.

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