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Introduction: DIY Cat Shelves

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I made these two carpeted cat shelves to allow Special Agent Meow to look out the window. He seems to really appreciate it. I made this out of materials I already had around the house, but feel free to buy nice shelf brackets and carpeting if you want it to look more elegant.

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  • Plywood
  • Carpet
  • Shelf brackets
  • Screws


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Step 1: Materials

The materials I had to work with were some plywood, a piece of carpet, and 3 shelf brackets (2 pictured).

Step 2: Cut and Upholster the Plywood

I cut the plywood to just smaller than the carpet, and wrapped the carpet around on 3 sides and stapled it.

Step 3: Clean Up the Edge

After all the stapling was finished, I used a utility knife to clean up the extra carpet. This edge is unwrapped because it goes against the wall.

Step 4: Do the Same Thing for Other Shelves

I chose the sizing of the shelves based on how much carpet I had available, so this piece of plywood was cut to fit the carpet.

Step 5: Mount the Shelf Brackets

Use a stud finder to find two studs, and attach the two shelf brackets to those. Make sure to use screws long enough to get a good connection on the studs. For alignment it helps to use a small level against the side of the shelf bracket, and a long level across both brackets.

I put it next to a window so the cat can look out at the birds, but place it wherever you want your cat to hang out.

Step 6: Screw the Shelves to the Brackets From Beneath

Using small screws so they don't poke through the top of the shelf, attach the shelves to the brackets.

Step 7: For Corner Shelves

Since this smaller shelf was going in a corner and I only had three brackets total, I used a combination of one shelf bracket and one support cleat on the adjacent wall.

Make sure to place lower shelves so your cat can climb up to the top shelf.

Step 8: Let the Cat Enjoy It!

He loves hanging out on the shelves, especially in the morning when he can look at the birds. Hopefully your cat will appreciate a shelf too!

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