DIY Cat Toy

Introduction: DIY Cat Toy

Step 1: Materials

•string(any kind)
•twist tie(grocery store)

Step 2: Start

Start by getting one piece of string and fold it to where both ends meet

Step 3: Cut the Tip

What you want to do is cut the top of the string where it is connected
Do this about 30-50 times

Step 4: Tying the Knot

Place on string on one another creating a "t" sign then tie them together
Do that until you use all the string you cut (it does not have to be exactly the same length)

Step 5: Trimming

Get your scissors and cut all the string until it is the same length
The length is optional you can make it big or you can make it small

Step 6: Fluff

Get the toy and spread the string apart

Step 7: Add a Tail

Get a piece if string or ribbon and curl it or spread it apart

Step 8: Twist Tie

Get the twist tie and wrap it around the toy to hold the tail on

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    That looks awesome, and I bet cats love to play with it. The colorful end I bet helps with their prey instinct!