Introduction: DIY Changeable Sugar Skull Loafers

This is undoubtedly my favorite thing I have ever crafted. Ever.

For background, the original idea was that I was going to glue or sew two sugar skull patches on a pair of smoking slippers. Simple, easy, cheap, and done.

But I hate making decisions. I couldn't decide which color combinations I liked best. I stressed and stressed, and then thought maybe I could just make *two* pairs, which then became three, which then became a threat to my small New York closet which was already veering dangerously close to overflowing.

So I figured out a way to make the patches changeable by using snaps. I would now never have to make a choice about patches again. It was an indecisive person's dream.

I've since purchased other patches to put onto the slippers. One is an alien and NASA set that I got from Etsy. I also have a set of sassy candy hearts that I have misplaced but desperately want to find by Valentine's Day.

I'm trying my best not to purchase even more appliques in the upcoming months (pineapples! palm trees! comic book emblems!) but I acknowledge that I will probably fail.

However, in the meantime, I hope that this craft will bring any of you finding this little Instructable all as much joy as it has for me.


-Pair of loafers or smoking slippers or ballet flats (these were $15 from H&M)


-Needle and Thread

-Applique Patches

-1/16th of an inch Bendable wire


-Felt scraps


Step 1: Place One Snap Onto the Slipper

Measure the center of your smoking slipper and mark it for one half of your snap -- the "male" side of the snap.

Ideally you should sew this. However, since I cannot sew for my life and jabbed myself several times in the process, I used super glue and it has held up strong.

Step 2: Glue Snaps & Wire to the Patch

While you let that dry, glue the other half snap onto your applique. Make sure that you glue it in a place so that the patch looks centered on the shoe.

In the meantime, cut small lengths of bendable wire to line the back of the applique. Glue it to the back. You do this so that your patch can bend to fit the curve of your shoe.

In addition, this is where you can glue small pieces of felt to the patch. I did this later because sometimes the applique would "spin" off center; this helped avoid that issue.

Let it all dry for 12 hours.

Step 3: Mix & Match You Shoes

Enjoy your slippers! My favorite color combination is probably red and blue.

Step 4: Mix & Match, Part 2

Followed by purple and green, and then black and pink.

Step 5: Mix & Match, Part 3

Or you can go with any other type of patch -- like this NASA & alien set.

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