Introduction: DIY Char Cloth

Step 1: Materials

1. Aaltoids or metal container
2. Hammer
3. Nail
4. 100% cotton cloth
5. Fire fuel / supplies
1. Sticks and branches or coals
2. Matches
3. Fire ring / grill
4. Caveman skills
6. Gloves
7. Scissors

Step 2: Prepping the Tin

For the tin prepping you will need to punch a hole in the top if the tin so the smoke and flames can escape.
For the cloth you will need to cut your 100% cotton cloth into pieces Small enough to fit in the tin.
And then your tin should be ready for the fire.

Step 3: Fire Making

For my fire I use sticks, twigs, dried plant stems and sunflower stems.

Step 4: Free Time

After making the fire you'll need to let the tin set for about half an hour. Or until the smoke and flames stop coming out of the hole.

Step 5: Finished

When the tin stops smoking and the fire dies down you can get a pair of thick leather gloves and open the box up. You will need to be carful when opening because if the cloth still had an ember you can light it up in the tin so be advised.

As I have asked before if you have any ideas of things I could do/make please tell me.

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