Introduction: DIY Character Necklaces - Disney: Finding Dory, Doc McStuffins & More!

We finally got to see Finding Dory last weekend (and we give it 5 stars!) and while we were planning our outfits out I kept thinking how we needed some jewelry to match. I checked out a couple of stores and wasn't able to find any so I decided that we would make our own... and once we started making them... well, we just couldn't stop!

Step 1: All Steps!

I love how simple and easy these were to make, and the cost is probably about under 50 cents for each one. Of course you could make these fancier with bead strings and clasps, but I love the look of the yarn and using it makes it simple for kids to help too.

Step 2: Finished Necklaces

This would be a fun project to do with the kids while they are home for the summer. You can choose any characters you like ~ the possibilities are endless! Just hit up your local craft store or the Target Dollar Spot which is where we found our Finding Dory stickers.

Step 3: Finished Necklaces

I also got to make a few necklaces for myself including those oh-so-adorable otters who really steal one of the scenes (no spoiler alerts here, I promise!)

Step 4: Finished Necklaces

Making these were a lot of fun and I felt like I easily accomplished something really cute in a short amount of time. And this was such a fun project do make with the assistance of my daughter who chose the characters she wanted, foam colors, and yarn colors. She also loved helping with the glue and threading the yarn.

Step 5: Finished Necklaces

For our necklaces we also went with Minnie and Doc McStuffins, and I have a long list from my daughter about what she wants next.

Step 6: Finished Necklaces

Here's my daughter modeling a few of the necklaces, first up, Minnie Mouse:

Step 7: Finished Necklaces

And here she is at the movie wearing a few of the Finding Dory characters, including my husbands favorite, Hank, and her favorite snowman, Chilly from Doc McStuffins:

Step 8: Finished Necklaces

...and of course Destiny!

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