Music Dock With Remote for Android and Windows Devices

Introduction: Music Dock With Remote for Android and Windows Devices

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There are many charging and speaker docks for Apple devices in market when compared to Android or Windows devices. So i have come up with a design of dock which will work with both android and windows devices. Also, this will double up as computer speaker with a flip of switch. An IR Remote makes interaction with the device easy.

Step 1: Demonstration of the Working of the Dock

The demonstration of the dock is shown here.

Step 2: Full Construction Video

The video takes you through the materials required, circuit explanation and assembly process.

Step 3: Materials Required

Step 4: Circuit

The diagram shows how the dock was wired. For a video on explanation click on the link

Step 5: Enable Audio Through USB on Android

Audio through USB should be enabled before using the dock. The video explains the process of enabling audio through USB.

Step 6: Instructions for Use

Once you enable audio through USB, the dock is ready for use. It can be used in speaker mode connected to computer and at the same time charge the android device. It can be used in dock mode without external cables.

Turn off the main switch connected to Micro USB female when using in standalone dock mode. When changing from speaker to dock mode, remove the android device, change it to dock mode and insert it back again.

If you have any suggestions for improvements kindly mention them in comments..

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