Introduction: DIY Cheap Bio-Filter for Aquarium

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Hey everyone :) I wanted to make a cheap bio-filter for my recently made aquaponics system.

Step 1: Parts/How

Since im using a flood and drain table I took a 3 inch net pot and cut out the center and place it through the drain hole. :)

Step 2: Adding the Pre-Filter!

I bought some cheap scrub pads from the dollar store and cut out a piece for the bottom of the net pot and cut a hole to put the drain hole through. I then place two scrub pads around the sides of the pot. Easy! :)

Step 3: Making the Bio-filter! :)

I went to the pet store and bought some activated charcoal. This box will last a while i could change the fiter at least 5 times.I added a facet screen with a grommet around it to hold it tight against the drain hole and to protect it from clogging with charcoal. I filled the bottom half of the filter with just activated charcoal, and then mixed some hydroton, gravel and charcoal together for the top half of the drain.

Step 4: WooT ! the System Works Great!

And there we have it, my timer runs for 5 minutes to fill the flood table and then the filter takes it time to clean the water and return it back to the tank! :)