Introduction: DIY Christmas Bell Decoration

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In these ongoing Holidays, Christmas is the most highlighted festival in which every single one wants to decorate their own house, garden, or workplace. Its even give more satisfaction when your hands on it. And it's obvious that the more homemade looking the better. I am here going to brighten up this festive season with help of some crafts made from waste materials. Take a warmth to look into this DIY with my Ideas for creating the perfect traditional Christmas Bell.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Materials Used :

1. Coke Bottles -500ml

2. Cardboard

3. Jute Thread:

4. Craft Glue:

5. Acrylic Colour:

6. Glitter Powder:

7. Glitter Foam Sheet:

8. Christmas Balls:

9. Christmas Garland:

10. Christmas Lace:

Tools Used :

1. Hot Glue Gun:

2. Hobby Knife:

Step 2: Cut the Bottles

As its a DIY craft with using waste material, I literally manage myself to include more waste household materials, so that it will be easy to do and easy to afford as well.

On the very first step, I have taken two bottles of equal size.

Take a marker, and give marks on both of these as shown in the above figures. Make sure it should look and shape like a bell.

after you marked the bottles, cut it with a Hobby knife by following the marked lines.

It will surely look like bells if you have cut properly. If you will find any reshape is needed then you can use Scissors to make it correct.

Step 3: Poke Holes at Center of the Caps

A pair of balls are needed to complete the look of the bells. That's why it needs to make holes in the middle of the caps.

Take a marker to make holes exactly at the center of each caps. Otherwise it will hang either leftward or rightward which will give the entire look an odd outlook.

By following the mentioned marks and taking a Hobby knife, make holes on each of the caps.

Step 4: Glue Jute Thread

Now its time to decorate the waste material and brighten up it with your ideas.

For that glue the whole outer area of the cut bottles. It's better to use white glue. If you will use hot glue, as the taken bottles have very thin plastics, It will melt plastic part so easily and give you a worse shaped output.

Then take a jute thread bundles and cover entire outer area of cut bottles excluding the topmost part of the cap.

I should mention here one thing, I am taking jute thread because its easy for everyone to find it out on their home.

I have taken jute threads and make it color on further steps. But you can also use colored wools to decorate the same.

But I must say both ways will give you the same will surely happy with both.

Step 5: Color the Bells

After letting these to dry up completely make proceed next.

As I have told I have taken jute thread and color it further. I gonna do exactly what I have said.

Here I have taken the Traditional Christmas colors i.e. Green and Red.

By using a flat brush, color the entire outer area including the topmost part of the cap. And leave it to dry completely.

Here you can use Green wool and Red wool to make the same outlook.

As per my knowledge, it will surely save your time but, the glowing shade always comes with acrylic colors.

Step 6: Apply Glitter Powder

Then for better shine, and to give it a blast glow use some glitter powder.

First glue the whole jute area with a very thin layer of white glue.

Take a piece paper or transparent sheet and sprinkle the glitter powder over the glued area and leave it for drying.

Don't leave any part on the jute area otherwise, it will look worse. Try to give a proper amount of glitter powder on each side of the Bells.

Step 7: Hang the Balls

Bell is just an unused thing without the Ball which makes it ring and give it a proper look.

As I am here taking the Christmas balls and made the bells with plastic bottles, maybe will not that warm sound but it will surely give an elegant look to your Christmas DIY.

Take a piece of jute thread to hang the ball.

To hang the balls, First knot the ball with thread and pull the other end of the jute thread through the hole.

After it drags out through the hole, fix it with Hot glue just above the top part of the caps.

Leave a small length of thread above the cap for further steps.

you can visit its video on my Youtube channel for a better imagination.

Now It surely looked like a Christmas Bell.

Step 8: Cut Out the Cardboard

Take cardboard with a required size.

Mark over the cardboard with help of the Rounder and pencil.

Draw two circles and provide at least two 2cm widths in between both.

Cut the extra part of the cardboard and find the desired shape for your DIY.

Step 9: Wrap Jute Thread Over the Cardboard

To give it a Traditional and home-made look, I have used jute thread to cover up the entire circular area of the cardboard.

I have used white glue to fix the thread on cut cardboard. You can also use hot glue if you wish to. There is no harm on each case.

Step 10: Tie the Bells

I have left a length of thread just above the caps, Now its times to tie it up with the round cardboard.

Tie both the Bells just below the circular shaped threaded cardboard.

To hang the Bells on the proper place glue it if required. , its ok to leave it as it is.

Step 11: Cut Out a Mule Deer

Mule Deer is a must decoration on Christmas occasion. Mule Deer just gives Traditional look to the entire craft.

For this reason, I have taken a sheet of glittered foam sheet to make it out. On the very first step, I have drawn the outline of Mule Deer with help of a pencil just the back side of the mentioned foam sheet.

Then placed the sheet on the cutting mat and cut the marked outlines with help of the Hobby knife.

If you want to get better knowledge, visit my Youtube video.

Step 12: Glue the Deer

Now take the cutout deer and fix it just at the middle of the circular cardboard and just above the Bells.

Here I have used Hot glue to fix it.

It takes just a few seconds to dry it up.

Step 13: Glue the Bow

The traditional Christmas craft needs a Christmas lace always to dress up. So here I have taken this beautiful lace on which merry Christmas is already mentioned. Its really look awesome and it's my personal favorite also.

I have made the four looped Bow with my hands on it.

If you are unknown about how to make Bow with lace or you are willing to know about this, I have made a separate video over this. Please visit my youtube channel. Because Bow making must be easier to learn through practical way.

Step 14: Decorate With Garland

How could it possible to finish up the Christmas craft without Garland. Green Garland has its own potential to turn the entire look into a Traditional Christmas outlook.

So here I have taken a piece of small Garland by cutting it out with scissors.

Then with the help of the Hot glue, I have fixed it up just middle of the Bells.

Now the DIY craft is just going to complete with few further steps.

Step 15: Prepare the Hanger

As it is a wall hanging stuff, Its need to hang on the wall or anywhere outside the home too.

That's why I have taken a measured length of same jute thread and fold it 2 to three times to give the hanging part a strength hang on.

Fix it with the cardboard with help of Hot glue. And let it be dry completely.

Step 16: Conclusion

Now the DIY Christmas Bell is ready to decorate.

You can hang it on Christmas tree as a Christmas Ornament.

You may also hang it on your wall, or may place just in your garden to feel the festive mood.

Hope you have enjoyed my instructable.

If you have any suggestions for improvements, please comment below.

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Thank You.

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