DIY Christmas Decor Lights



Introduction: DIY Christmas Decor Lights

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Hello friends in this instructable i have come across wonderful light decor idea for Christmas and new year.It is very to build and all the materials can be found in and around home ..Continue Reading

Step 1: Https:// Click on This Link for Full Tutorial (copy and paste this link on your browser)

Step 2: Materials

  • Empty plastic bottle
  • White LED
  • Battery
  • Hot Glue
  • Resistor

Step 3: Lets Begin!

  • Hole is made on the cap
  • LED is fixed
  • Waterproof seal is made using hot glue
  • LED is Coupled to resistor

Step 4: Attaching Battery Clip

  • One end of LED diode is connected to battery clip
  • Other end of resistor is connected to battery clip
  • LED is tested using Battery

Step 5: Colouring

  • Choose your favourite Colour
  • i've used fountain pen ink in my case
  • Glitters are added for more glow
  • LED part is attached
  • Connect the battery and give a little swirl to the bottle
  • Amazing LED pattern can be Seen

Thank You for your time and patience for reading this instructable please support me by sharing this project with your family and friends

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