DIY Christmas Gifts for Your Friends

Introduction: DIY Christmas Gifts for Your Friends

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Christmas is the grandest festival in the West. Christmas is coming soon, are you worried about making Christmas gifts?

If you need to make special Christmas gifts for customers, friends, and company colleagues, you can contact Yuehui Gifts immediately. We will provide you with the best service. Christmas keychains and Christmas lapel pins are all very special gifts.

Today I will teach you a special DIY Christmas gift making method

Step 1: Prepare Materials

A wooden photo frame, nails, front line, frame holder, small LED light, scissors, small bells, Christmas trinkets,pencil

Step 2: Fix Your Pattern With Nails

Use a pencil to draw a pattern you like, and then use a nail to fix it along the pattern you drew. Beware of your fingers when using the hammer

Step 3: Winding Wire

Choose a color and wind the thread from the bottom. The method of winding is not particular. You only need to fill the drawing with thread. We can use another winding method to outline the edges. As shown in the third picture。

Step 4: Paste and Fix Decorations

After the winding work is completed, we can take out these small decorations, stick the fur balls on the Christmas tree with 3M double-sided tape, and fix the small metal decorations with nails. We can fix the LED light along the edge of the board.

Step 5: Fixed Wooden Photo Frame

Use 3M double-sided tape to fix the position, then fix the frame bracket and reinforce it with screws

Step 6:

After all the steps are completed, we can power on, it’s pretty, right?

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