Hall Effect Sensor: Christmas Music Box

Introduction: Hall Effect Sensor: Christmas Music Box

This is a music box that plays music once opened (watch the video!). It's great, special, and unique way to wrap your presents for your special someone!

It uses a hall effect sensor to check if the lid has been opened by the lack of magnetic field and will prop a christmas song to played!

Step 1: Construct the Box

I constructed this same foam box in another one of my Instructables so you can follow the guide for that here: https://www.instructables.com/id/Private-Lock-Box...

Step 2: Resourcing Electronic Components

I found this talking Christmas at my local Shopper's drug mart which is activated by a hall effect sensor. Scavenge the speaker, hall effect sensor, and microprocessor. We don't need the DC motor so just cut off those wires.

Step 3: Glue Electronics

Glue the electronics onto the box lid.

Glue the magnet onto the opposite side of the hall effect sensor, such that it sticks to it magnetically when the lid is closed and get pulled off when the lid is open.

Step 4: Decorate and Enjoy!

Decorate the box and add your present for your special someone in this wonderful singing music box!

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