Introduction: DIY: Christmas Napkin Rings

About: My name is Amanda and I'm the face of TrendingSeasons! I'm a twenty-something YouTube video editor, crafter, and lover of all things festive!

Synopsis: Complete your HOLIDAY table with these gorgeous beaded napkin rings! Add the sparkle to Christmas that makes it so special!

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You are going to need:

(All items are available at your local craft store!)

-Measuring tape


-Needle nose pliers and wire cutters

-Different sized beads (I went with lots of red and silver and angels for Christmas!) (If you can buy them in strands, purchase at least 5!)

-Wire head pins

-And napkins

1. With your measuring tape and wire cutters, cut off 10 inches of wire.

2. Use your needle nose pliers to shape a loop at the end of the wire. (Make sure it’s firmly closed!)

3. I’m going to place an angel bead in the center of my ring, so I’m going to take a wire head pin and reassemble the angel bead pattern on it. (Place a new larger bead on first! This brings everything nicely together!)

4. With your needle nose pliers shape a loop at the end of the wire head pin.

5. Lay out your pattern of chosen beads. Each side needs 8 beads.

6. Add the beads to the wire.

7. Cut any excess wire off with your wire cutters.

8. Use the needle nose pliers to form a hook.

9. Hook the one side of the napkin ring to the other.

10. Clamp everything together!

This craft is festive, fun, and best of all…affordable. Remember, there’s still time to make these before CHRISTMAS!

Until next time! XO!

-Amanda (TrendingSeasons)