Introduction: DIY Christmas Ornament Using Melamine Edge Banding

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For this project you'll need the following:

- 2 pieces of scrap wood to form a half lap join. You don't need this to be a half lap join, you could simply use a bigger piece of wood as a base. Anything that can support the height of the tree will work fine.
- 8mm dowel, around 300mm long.
- Melamine Iron-On Edge Banding
- 8mm brad point drill bit

Step 1: Create the Base

If you plan on making the "X" shape shown in the images here's how you do it. Start by getting 2 pieces of wood that are the same dimensions. Measure the height of each piece, then half that (this is why it's called a half lap). Then take one piece and place is perpendicular over the other and mark it's location. You want this to be as close to the centre as possible. Do the same thing for both pieces.

Now you'll cut out the sections that you've marked. To do this cut multiple strips using a saw, but make sure to only go down to the line you marked. After you've made the cuts you can pop the slivers out using a knife or screw driver. Then take a sharp chisel and clean up the surface so that it's flat.

Once you're finished you'll have to pieces of wood, with half of their material removed, that can be lapped over each other.

Add some glue to the join and clamp in place for about an hour.

Step 2: Cut and Drill the Melamine

Cut the melamine into strips. I cut 5 pieces at the same length, then reduced the size by 20mm. This gave me 5 strips at 200mm, 180mm, 160mm, 140mm, and 120mm. The banding can be cut with scissors, but I had tin snips on hand so I used those.

Next drill an 8mm hole into both edges of the strips. Using a brad point bit means you'll have a cleaner cut, provided you don't force the bit. Drill at normal speed but only apply slight pressure. This will make sure the melamine is cut, and doesn't tear.

Take your time with this step and have some spare edge banding on hand just in case.

Step 3: Attach the Dowel

Cut a length of 8mm dowel to roughly 300mm. Once the glue has dried on the half lap join drill a hole in the centre and glue the dowel in place.

To finish the top off (and to hold down the strips of melamine) cut a piece of wood and drill an 8mm hole through the centre. I cut mine using a hole saw, but this could be any shape you want.

Step 4: Add the Melamine Strips and You're Done

After the glue for the dowel has had a chance to dry you can start adding the strips of melamine.

Start with the longest pieces and add the strips in the one directions (clockwise or anti-clockwise) and on one end. Once all the strips in a set are pushed on, continue the rotation and push the other end of each strip over the dowel. This will create a uniform look.

Continue up the dowel until all the strips are added, then push the cap on the top.

You're all done. Thanks for reading and have a great Christmas!