Introduction: DIY Christmas Table Decorations

This Christmas while I was setting the table with my sisters we noticed that it needed more color. We decided we had to put some kind of decorations so we came up with this idea: paint almonds and decorate them with some leaves (this looks better tan it sounds). This is very easy to do and there are thousands of different combinations you can try. It's perfect for decorating dishes and makes everithing look more festive. I have made it for Christmas but you can use it on different occasions, for example I'm gonna use it for New Year's Eve.

As I have said there are many combinations so if you don't have the same materials it doesn't matter, you just have to be creative and design your own versión.

Step 1: Collect the Materials

The first thing you need are almonds, take as many as you need. After having the almonds I went outside with some scissors and started cutting leaves and twigs that I liked. I really don't know the name of the plants I used but you can see them in the images and, anyway, you can use any plant that you think it's beautiful. I used some red leaves and some kind of twigs with many small green leaves and also some twigs to support everything.

Step 2: Other Materials & Tools

You'll need:

-Golden spray Paint

-Silver spray Paint

-Spray varnish

-Curling ribbon (white and red)

-Hot glue gun

Step 3: Paint the Almonds

Separate the almonds in to groups and paint one group with the silver spray and the other one with the golden spray. Remember to do this outside and cover the surface so that you don't paint by accident anything you shouldn't. Let them dry.

Step 4: Varnish the Leaves

Varnish the leaves and then let them dry. Remember to do this outside and to protect the surface.

Step 5: Put Everything Together

First glue the twig to the almond with some hot glue. Then take the twig with the small green leaves and put some glue on it to glue the red leaves there. After the put more glue on the leaves and glue the almond. To finish cut a piece of ribbon and put together with a knot. With the scissors curl the ribbon and you have finished.

Step 6: Use It!

Now you can use it to decorate your Christmas table or whatever you decide to.

I hope you find this useful and remember to follow me ;-)

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