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Christmas is both a sacred religious holiday and a worldwide culture .People around the world love the tradition and decoration during the season.People love to decorate in traditional way i.e decorate and celebrate by exchanging gifts, decorating Christmas trees, decorating Christmas wreath ,attending Church and more interestingly waiting for Santa Clause to arrive.

Here we are going to make Christmas Wreath with a traditional way and will hang it on wall.There is a logic behind it, Which I should let you know shortly.

The logic here is that the Wreath represented the thorns worn by Christ on the cross, and the tiny red berries represent Christ's b blood. In this case, the evergreen represents eternal life.The argue that Wreath symbolizes victory, and that Romans hung them on their doors after a win in battle.

Lets start to make the Wreath

Step 1: Materials Required

Materials Used :

1. Cardboard

2. Garland:

3. Glittered Foam Sheet:

4. Christmas Ball:

5. Christmas Bell:

6. Christmas Lace:

7. Pine Cone:

8. Hot Glue:

Tools Used :

1. Hot Glue Gun:

2. Scissors:

3.Hobby Knife:

Step 2: Cutout the Cardboard

On the very first stage you need to take a cardboard. Make two circles as shown in figure.

maintein the outer and inner circle distance at least 5-6cm with help of Hobby Knife and trim it with scissors.

Step 3: Colour the Cardboard

On the second step brush the colour on the cardboard.

Take a green colour and colour it. The main intend to make it Green colour that ,It should not show any gap between Garland.Because on further stage we are going to fix Green Garland over it.

Step 4: Glue the Garlands

Green and Red colours are like two most important and traditional colours to decorate on Christmas occasion.

I have tried two numbers of Green Garland and a Red Garland for the decoration.

I took a hot glue gun ,made it hot and just glue over the cardboard on the middle of the circle.

Now fix the Garland over the coloured cardboard.For the better knowledge how to fix, please do visit the following video.

I keep more than one third part as Green colour and others as Red colour.

Step 5: Cut Flower Petals

For making flowers I have taken Silver coloured foam sheet.I have chosen this coloured sheet only because it go with Green and Red colour and more importantly it match with Christmas theme.

On the back side I have drawn flower petals with the help of pencil.

Now cut these with the help of Hobby Knife and Scissors.

Step 6: Shape the Petals

Now to make the flower more beautiful ,glue just the last part of the petals and squeeze it with your fingers.You should use hot glue not the white glue.

Let it to dry completely.

For the base part ,need to cut a circular foam sheet with that same colour.

The radius of the circle vary with your size and numbers of petals.

Step 7: Make the Flower

Glue the petals on the base foam with help of the hot glue.

Here i have put green leaves which I brought from shop.But you can make it with your hands on it.

you can take green foam sheet and cut it as leaf shape, and fix it over the centre of the flower.

Step 8: Glue the Bells

Now take bells.I here took readymade bells and glue the on the back side of the flower base.

I have used hot glue to make the bells hang.

You can make you own bells at home with waste materials.Its as simple as you think.I have uploaded it before and giving link here too.Please visit through the attached video or you can go through my last instructables.

Step 9: Glue the Flower on Garland

Now glue the entire stuff over the Red garland with help of hot glue.

I have put it over the Red garland because I want the bells hang just the below part of the Wreath.

Step 10: Glue the Pinecones and Bulbs

No Christmas decoration is complete without Pinecones, Christmas bulbs ,Christmas bubbles etc. .

Here I have taken some pine cones and some numbers of Christmas bulbs and fix it over the Wreath with help of hot glue.

Do not use white glue because it hard to stick over the garland.

Step 11: Make the Bow

Christmas lace makes the entire out look even more beautiful and attractive.

Took a Red Christmas lace and make a four looped Bow with help of thread and needles .

If you want to make your own do visit with the following video for a better practical knowledge.

Step 12: Glue the Bow

Fix the Bow over the Green Garland with help of the hot glue.

Now your Christmas wreath is ready to decorate your home or workplace.

Step 13: Fix Bells With the Bow

Take a thin Green lace, make it a bow shape and hand two small size bells .

Now fix it just on the middle portion of the Bow.

I have put it here only because I want the bell to hang over the hollow section.

Now the Wreath is ready to hang over wall of your home or workplace.It surly gives your better satisfaction when you made with your hands on it.Enjoy your festive season with joy and your handmade DIY crafts.

Step 14: Glue More Bells on Wreath

I glue few small bells around the vacand space of the wreath.

Use hot glue to fix the Bells.

Step 15: Fix the Merry Christmas Text

At last I fixed the Merry Christmas Text.Use hot glue to fix it.

I purchased this plastic text from the local market.

You can make yourself by cutting the Cardboard or thermocol.

Step 16: Mount the Wreath

Now your wreath making is complete and it is ready to hang on the wall.

Select a suitable place of your home wall and fix it.

I used a 3M double sided tape to mount the wreath.

I am really satisfied with this home made Christmas wreath.

If you make your wreath, don't forget to share the pictures on I made it section below.

I hope you have enjoyed my article.

Thank you so much.

Comments for improvement and errors is always welcome.

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