Introduction: DIY || Clap Automated Image Capturer

This is a tutorial on making Clap Automated Image Capturer which captures the image remotely on making a Clap.

This project is based on Transient Clap Switch Circuit which is rendered to capture the image by using a Relay mechanism.

Step 1: Material Required

To make this project, we require:

• 555 Timer IC

• Relay (6V)

• Condenser Microphone

• Transistors – BC 547 (2)

• Resistors – 1K Ω, 47K Ω, 100K Ω

• Capacitor – 1 μF

• Diode- 1N4007

• Switch

• Mobile Phone

• Old Earphones

• Battery (9V) and Battery Clip

• Wires


• Cardboard

• Paper

Major Tools required:

• Soldering Iron and Solder Wire

• Hot Glue Gun

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

This circuit is basically Transient Clap Switch Circuit

Step 3: Step-by-step Tutorial