Introduction: DIY Clay Christmas Ornaments

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Christmas is almost here........and what’s better than creating your own Christmas ornaments.This is the season to celebrate and create.

This cute Christmas ornaments are made of air dry clay which is quite a quick and rewarding craft to do in an evening. You can involve your kids also in making these and what you get are beautiful homemade Christmas ornaments to hang on your tree or gift to your friends and family.

I love making these ornaments because they are so easy, really cute and they are also lovely for gifting.

Materials Used:-


Step 1:

The air dry clay means that there is no firing needed.Just roll....shape and let them air dry.

Make these cute ornaments with store bought Air Dry Clay or the best is to work with homemade clay.

I love working with clay. I had always been buying clay from various sources.But once I tried out making clay at home, I never felt the need to buy them from stores. It's pretty easy to make your own clay. Check out the recipe here

Step 2:

Lets start by preparing our clay.The ornaments which we will be making are:-

  • Candy Cane(Red and White)
  • Wreath(Light Green and Red)
  • Stocking(Red and White)
  • Christmas Tree(Dark Green)

Oil paints are the best to mix with this clay.

Candy Cane

Roll out strands of Red and White Clay.

Step 3:

Pinch both the ends of the clay and slowly twist them together. Don't forget to pinch the other end as well.

Step 4:

Bend one end and shape it up into a candy cane.

Step 5:


Roll out the Light Green Clay.

Step 6:

Cut out a small circle.

Step 7:

You can use a cookie cutter or if you don't have a cutter then any bottle cap will do the charm.

Step 8:

Make a Concentric Circle. Use a smaller size cutter or cap to cut it out or simply carve it with a knife.

Step 9:

Roll out a thin strand with the Red Clay.

Step 10:

Shape it into a bow.

Step 11:

Paste it on to the bottom of the wreath.

Step 12:

Make dents on the Wreath with a pencil or any pointed object.

Step 13:


Roll out the Red Clay and shape it into a Stocking.

Step 14:

Just be gentle with shaping and they will come out smooth.

Step 15:

Roll out a strap of White Clay and paste it on the top of the stocking.

Step 16:

Make lace with a thin strand of White Clay.

Step 17:

Christmas Tree

Roll out the Dark Green Clay.

Step 18:

I used a Heart Shape Cutter for the Christmas Tree.

But you can also make this with cutting out simple triangles.

Step 19:

Cut out Three pieces.

Step 20:

Paste them one below the other.

Step 21:

Cut a small strap and paste below the last heart for the tree trunk.

Step 22:

Poke holes on top of the ornaments and use a yarn....satin ribbon any decorative thread to make loops for hanging them.

Let them dry completely..........and ....Voilaaaa!!!!! .....there you go..... Handmade Ornaments are ready to adorn your Christmas Tree.

Step 23:

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