Introduction: DIY Clay Votive Candle Holder

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Nothing is cozier and more personal than a little candle.Candles and votive holders are inexpensive and you can use them for home decor for every season and occasion. I am absolutely obsessed with candles and votive holders.The best part of it all is that they are actually easy and you can customize them according to your fantasy.

You don’t have to spend many on a fancy new candle holder. With a little bit of creativity you can just use about anything at your home to convert it to a votive candle holder.

There are so many ideas and gorgeous DIY ideas available on internet for candle holders that involve clay. I have been loving some of the simple clay decor items on Pinterest and thought it was about time I tried my hand at this votive candle holder.I love working with clay and I utterly enjoyed making these votive candle holders.

So grab your stuff and get crafty!

Materials Used:-


Step 1:

Take a small amount of clay.Make a ball out of it and roll it with clay roller.

Step 2:

Roll it evenly.To keep your thickness consistent, you can place two flat objects of even height on either side of your clay as you roll it out.

Step 3:

Roughly cut out a rectangle.

Step 4:

Then cut out a arch at one end.

Step 5:

Time to plunge holes on the votive candle holder. I have used a star shape plunger.You can use any plunger of your choice. If you don't have a plunger, don't worry....just use a straw or a pen's cap to make the holes or if you have a steady hand, then you can draw any freestyle design and trace it out with a knife.

Step 6:

The clay which I have used here is Natural Clay. It did have lot a tiny grit in it.I would suggest you use a air dry claywhich is smooth in texture.

Step 7:

Even if you do end up with small grit particles, you can just smooth it out using water. Dip your fingers in water and smooth out the clay gently.A gentle and soft touch goes a long way on this step, so take your time and don't rush it.

Step 8:

Now wrap your rectangle around until the sides meet together. Gently press the two edges together and lightly smooth the clay in one direction over the meeting line until the seam disappears.

Step 9:

Let it dry completely and then paint it with a color of your linking. I have used Gold Acrylic Paint.

Step 10:

That's it!!!.... Light a candle and place the votive candle holder on top of the candle and enjoy the lighting effect it spreads.

And what else is so great about these candle votive holder!!!!...... Its that they are bottomless!!! So if the wax melts , you can just pop the candle out of the bottom and put in a new one.