Introduction: DIY Clip-On Fishing Towels

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While browsing the fishing section at a local store we spotted clip on fishing towels and the kids, my wife and myself all thought that was something we would all like to have. We mostly kayak fish in our own separate kayaks, so we needed four of them. They looked easy enough to make and I already had the hardware parts at home so we ended up buying inexpensive washcloths and I made us all some clip on towels for less than $1 each (that includes the hardware). If you don't already have a grommet kit, it may not be as economical for you. Of course you could just insert the carabiner clip through the hole in the towel, but it may not last as long that way. If you just need one towel, it may be a better option to buy one at around $5 - $10 each. I needed 4 and this seemed like a good option to me. If you don't have any carabiner clips, inexpensive shower curtain ring clips (usually around $1 for several clips) would work great too and that is what the professionally made towels used anyway.

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Now onto making those clip-on towels!

Step 1: Materials


Hammer, grommets, grommet installation tool, #1 and #2 Phillips screwdrivers, ink pen larger in diameter than the #2 Phillips screwdriver and carabiner clips.

Step 2: Making a Hole

You will need to make a hole in the towel large enough to install the grommet. To do this you want to stretch the hole open instead of cutting out a hole so that the towel doesn't start unraveling. I started out using a #1 Phillips screwdriver to begin my hole, then moved up to a #2 Phillips to enlarge the hole and finally using an ink pen that was a little larger in diameter than the grommet center hole/shaft to further stretch the hole in the towel.

Step 3: Installing the Grommet

Now, to install the grommet, I started by placing the grommet onto the end of the ink pen and slid the towel down onto the shaft of the grommet. After that you will need to put the base of the grommet install tool under the grommet and then put the top washer of the grommet over the lower part of the grommet's shaft. Next, put the tapered portion of the install tool into the grommet shaft and inside the base of the tool. Next, hit the install tool with a hammer until the grommet shaft rounds over on top of the washer portion of the grommet locking it in place on the towel.

Step 4: Install the Carabiner Clip

All that is left to do now is installing your carabiner clip. A clip on shower curtain ring will also work if you don't have a carabiner clip.

Step 5: Finished!!!

You are done! Now you can put that clip-on fishing towel to good use...get out on the water and go fishing!

I hope you enjoyed this Instructable. Take care and tight lines!