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Introduction: DIY Cloth Coasters

One of the household items I have taken for granted are coasters. Moving into a new place I have learned that coasters are actually a really nice to have around. Since I didn't have any coasters I decided to try to make some easy coasters that are on hand for any occasion.

Step 1: Supplies

Here is what I used to make my cloth coasters

Fabric - I used some scrap cotton

Felt - One piece of felt can be used for interfacing for the coaster


Step 2: Cut of the Coaster Size

I started by cutting out 5" by 5" squares of fabric from my scrap cotton. I thought that this would be a good size once done for a glass to sit on. (2 squares are required per coaster)

After the fabric squares are cut, cut out 5" by 5" squares of fabric. (1 square is required per coaster)

Step 3: Sew the Coaster

Once all the pieces are cut out its time to sew the coaster.

Start by laying out the pieces correctly. The correct layering goes like this

layer 1 - felt piece

layer 2 - cotton piece right side up

layer 3 - cotton piece right side down

This layering might feel intuitive but this is how the pieces have to be laid out so the felt piece ends up in the middle once the coaster is folded right side out.

Sew the perimeter of the fabric leaving about 2" open so there is a place to flip the fabric.

After the sewing is complete flip the piece right side out.

Step 4: Add Top Stitching

Once folded right side out I added a trim stitch to the perimeter of the coaster. This helped keep the fabric on the interfacing and is a super easy way to close the open part of the fabric.

Start by folding the opening over so that the raw edge is tucked on the inside of the coaster.

Then sew around the perimeter of the coaster keeping about 1/4" clearance.

Step 5: Finished

Once the last bit of sewing is done the coasters are ready to use. These coasters are super easy to make and can create opportunities to create some fantastic coasters!


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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I like this idea! You cam make them match your place mats or table cloth!