DIY Coin Cell Battery Charger for 0.3$




Introduction: DIY Coin Cell Battery Charger for 0.3$

Step 1: How It's Done..

I designed and made the base with my 3D printer. If you want my design just drop me a comment.

If you don't have a 3D printer just make any base that can hold the battery with a good contact.

Then you will need to change the resistor that I marked in the video with a 33k one. It's not that easy to solder the resistor as it's less than 1mm! so if you are not skilled enough, you can use a bigger resistor with the same value (33k).

Then connect the output + and - to your copper and screw (make sure of the polarity to match the battery).

Glue the parts with some glue (I used thermal silicone).

And Happy charging!

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    Question 4 years ago

    I'd like your 3D printer design please!

    Rajaa Kahel
    Rajaa Kahel

    Answer 4 years ago

    You can find the design link in the video description on YouTube :)