Introduction: DIY Collar Style Choker

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  • Choker Pattern
  • Eyelet Setting Tool
  • 6 (3/8” Eyelets)
  • ¼ Yard Interfacing
  • ¼ Yard Cotton Fabric
  • 5/8”- 13/4” Button
  • 1 ½” Round Elastic
  • Scissors


  1. 12” Gold Plated 3.2mm Curb Chain
  2. Round Nose Pliers
  3. Cutting Pliers
  4. 1 Small Jump Ring

Step 1: Pattern

Make Your Own

  1. Take the measurement around your neck round it up to the next inch then divide that in half.
  2. Use the final measurement as a guide for the final choker.
  3. On a sheet of paper mark the measure measurements you got by measuring your neck.* make sure to leave space for seam allowance.
  4. Create 2 dotted lines that are 1 ½“ apart.
  5. Using a ruler angle down slightly about an inch or so on the right side of the grid mark where they intersect.
  6. Measure up 1 ½“ and mark there as well.
  7. Connect those points with a curved line, making sure the lines run parallel at the ends.
  8. From a point in the middle angle straight out using a ruler, this can very if you want more of a point.
  9. Create a line that connects from the end of the bottom line to the line that is created in the last step.
  10. From here just angle in slightly on both ends for a more comfortable fit, then cut this out.
  11. On another piece of paper trace the pattern out, then using a ruler and the seam allowance to the pattern. In my case I used ½” as my allowance. Cut this out and you have a pattern ready to go.
  12. Write any notes you want to remember on the pattern so you don’t forget them.

Pre-made Pattern

This is the pattern I created to fit my neck at 14”, so if you need something bigger just add it to the Back end of the pattern.

*Before printing it may need to be set into portrait print.

Step 2: Cutting Out Pattern and Sewing Together

Depending on your fabric you may not need interfacing, but in my case I did.

  • Using the Pattern cut out 4 pieces of both interfacing and cotton fabric.
  • Put the wrong sides together for each piece, one cotton and one interfacing, then iron then together using no steam.
  • When all the pieces are done place two pieces right side together, make sure they line up and pin the in place if needed.
  • Sew a ½” seam allowance around the edge leaving a big enough opening in it to flip it right side out. One should be on the back side so the elastic can be place in that end.
  • Once sown together trim the edge to ¼” and snip the corners so that everything can lay flat when it is finished.
  • After flipping it right side out use scissors or some kind of tool to push the corners out. Steam it with the iron to remove wrinkles and lay it flat.
  • In one of the pieces place the elastic in the opened end, making sure it is folded in have and placed far enough in to not come out. Then just do a top stitch holding it in place and continuing it all the way around about ¼” from the edge, overlapping the stitch a little at the end.
  • Repeat this for the second one but without the elastic.

Step 3: Finishing

  • Taking a ruler measure in from the end 1”to 1 ¼” in
  • the center and mark for the placement of the button.
  • Sew the button in to place using needle and thread.
  • Mark where to place the eyelets and cut a smaller hole to fit the eyelet into.
  • Push the eyelet through the hole and use the setting tool to crimp it in place. Do this for all six eyelets.
  • Taking the chain, measure out 12” and cut to size.
  • Open up the small jump ring and place one end of the chain on it and close it back up.
  • Lace the choker together, making sure the chain lays flat when its finished , then open the jump ring again and add the other end of the chain to it and close
  • At this point the choker is finished and ready to wear.

Step 4: