Introduction: DIY Colourful Kool-Aid Jammers Lunch Sack Craft (Learn to Sew Project)

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Make this super cute back to school lunch sack using recycled drink packets.

You’ll need:

Sewing machine
15 clean, dry drink packets
Ruler (or measuring tape)
Stick on velcro fasteners

Step 1: Collect 15 Empty Drink Packets

Slice open the bottom of each packet. Wash, rinse and dry each one out.

Step 2: Pattern:

Your lunch tote will consist of 5 parts: 1 front and 1 back (each 2×2 packets each), 2 sides (2×1 packets each) and a bottom (2 overlapped packets)

Step 3: Tape Seams.

If you are a competent sewer, you could just start sewing these parts. However, because I am a beginner, I decided to tape my pieces together first.

You don’t need to tape each and every seam. Just here and there, enought to keep them from slipping and sliding while you are sewing.

Step 4: Front, Back and Sides

The front and back are made using a 2×2 pattern like the piece above. The sides are 2×1 stacked vertically.

The bottom is a little different.

Step 5:

bottom is a little different.

measure the width of the bag (front or back piece).

You’ll need to measure and then overlap two pieces to this length.

Step 6: Sewing

Once you have the 5 pieces taped and ready sew up the seams.

We used a zigzap stitch with a bright colored thread. Sam did most of the sewing. In the above photo he is sewing up a back piece. Sam is only nine. If he can do it, so can YOU!

I think the orange thread Sam picked out looks great.

The second images shows him sewing the two bottom drink packets together.

Step 7: Sewing the Sides and Bottom Together.

Once you have your 5 pieces made, you can start piecing them together.

Start by sewing the sides to the bottom piece. You’ll end up with a long narrow strip.

Next sew the back and front to the bottom. You should end up with the above. Sew up the 4 side seams, I sewed from top to bottom, carefully lining up the top edges taping with a tiny piece of tape and then sewing.

Step 8: You Might Be Finished?

If you want a ‘brown bag’ style sack, you could be finished now. Sam and I were making this sack for Lizzy and I wanted her to be able to close her lunch sack.

Step 9: Add a Top Closure.

I cut the 15th packet in half, folded over the cut end and sewed it to the top of the sack.

Then we added adhesive velcro fasteners.

Step 10:

Below is the finished product:

I hope you like it! What kind of creations have you made from recycled items, or what’s on your list?

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