DIY Composition Books

Introduction: DIY Composition Books

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Learn how to make these DIY Composition Books with Annelise and Julia. They make school so much more fun! Happy Crafting!

You will need:

Composition book with paper cover (plastic covers did not adhere with Mod Podge - can use hot glue but see note below)

2 sheets of pretty felt (or 3, if you want to cover the back as well)

Mod Podge



*Optional: felt stickers or embellishments (we found the felt stickers at Hobby Lobby)

Tip: Hot glue can also be used for this project but we found that it does not adhere as well (especially between pencil pocket & felt cover) and can cause lumps under the fabric. Mod Podge holds much better though it does take longer to dry (especially when gluing the pencil pocket to the felt cover). We found that the Mod Podge needs to be fairly thick between the pencil pocket and the felt cover since it can absorb into the felt if you apply it too thinly. The end result is a smooth, strong hold!

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