DIY Concrete Phone Hand Stand

Introduction: DIY Concrete Phone Hand Stand

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With a few readily available materials, we are going to show you how to give your phone a 'hand!' Ha, couldn't resist the pun! We are making a 'hand' stand for your phone. With this stand, your phone is always, 'handy!' (Promise, that's the last one!)


Concrete or cement mix of your choice (we used Quikrete mortar mix)

Disposable glove

Mixing bowl, something to mix with, water

Safety gear to protect eyes, lungs, and hands

An assortment of random stuff to prop the hand as it dries

Step 1: Watch the Video

Watch the video for step by step instructions. Read on for the tutorial.

Step 2: Mix Concrete and Fill and Shape Hand

Gear up! Put on a mask, eyes and nose protection, as well as gloves to protect your hands. Concrete dust is harmful and the wet mix can be hard on your hands.

Mix up the concrete or cement mix of your choice following the manufacturer's instructions. We are using an inexpensive plastic mixing bowl that works well for this. It can be easily washed clean and reused. Don't wash concrete into your sink drains!

Working with a buddy, hold the glove open and add concrete into the fingers. Firmly pack the concrete before moving on to other areas of the glove.

Once the glove is full, arrange the glove as shown. We used paint cans, a spackle box, and a weight to give our hand the shape we wanted.

Let this dry 24 hours.

Step 3: Remove, Let Dry, Paint (optional)

After letting the hand dry for 24 hours, carefully, remove the glove by cutting and pulling away the plastic. At this point, you can easily lose a finger or two since it is not fully cured so that's why you need to work slowly.

Let the hand cure another couple of days before painting or using. We decided to emphasize the holes by painting with DecoArt metallic gold paint.

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    3 years ago

    Fun and adorable. I like these much!


    3 years ago

    Just an aside... Out of boredom, I rolled out to the garage and scooped out about a cup of Sakrete sand mix (a little coarser than mortar mix) and added enough water to make it soupy in a plastic bowl. Since Momma was at work, I raided her acrylic artist's tube paints and added a generous nerdle of a dark brown and a dab of red. After a thorough mix, and playing with more color adds, I spread some on a piece of cardboard to dry. It cured out a rather disturbing light brown with a slight pinkish tone, a lot like human skin...LOL!
    Also, I believe that you could avoid some of the cavities in your casting by twisting the ends of two pipe cleaners together to make a nice long, flexible "jabber" to work the air bubbles out of the fingers.
    Also Part 2: Those stretchy medical-exam-type gloves... Don't work worth a flip!


    3 years ago

    Good idea :)