DIY Convert Studio Light Stand to Horizontal Camera Tripod




Introduction: DIY Convert Studio Light Stand to Horizontal Camera Tripod

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Taking Top Shoot for Project becomes hard to get, people prefer to buy a horizontal tripod. In this project, I converted Studio Light Stand into Horizontal Tripod. In addition, you will get a light facility for the shoot. If you have Studio Light Stand standing alone at a corner and thinking to get a horizontal tripod then convert it now into Horizontal Tripod, "Don't Buy New Tripod".

Studio Light Stand is made up of heavy-duty material and a steady structure so it makes a better choice for it. And also you will get Light on the tripod for the shoot which makes this excellent conversion. It is very easy to build and makes more usability for photography or videography for Top Shoot.

Below you will find Fusion360 File (F3d), download it and edit it according to your requirement.

What you need to make this Project is 3D Printed Parts, PVC Pipe (or Aluminum Pipe), Screws, Camera Holder mount (from an old tripod) and Studio Light Stand that's all. Yes, that sounds easy to make!! so try to make this conversion to Horizontal Tripod.


  1. PVC Pipe (40inch- 30mm diameter).
  2. PVC Pipe (10inch- 30mm diameter).
  3. Screw (15mmX5mm) (Refer screw type from image).
  4. Camera holder mount.
  5. 3D printed Parts.
  6. Studio Light Stand.

Noted: You can use aluminum pipe instead of PVC.

Step 1: Design in Fusion360

I provided Fusion360 file so you can edit according your dimensions.

Step 2: 3D Print All Parts

I recommend you to print all parts with 100% infill.

Step 3: Insert Screw Into 3D Printed Knob

Insert screw head (little tapping needed) into knob then put superglue in it.

Step 4: Make Multiples Holes in 40inch PVC Pipe

Make multiples holes in pipe with diameter of 5mm on every 1inch distance. Why these holes?? these holes for change length of camera distance.

Step 5: Remove the Light Holder From Light Stand

Step 6: Insert Part-1 and Tight It With Screw Knob

Use Part-1 3D printed.

Step 7: Insert Pipe to Holder Part -1

Step 8: Tight It With Screw Knob

Step 9: Attach Part-2 to End of Pipe

Use Part-2 3D printed. Tight It With Screw Knob.  

Step 10: Attach the Camera Mount on Part-2

Step 11: Insert Part-3 Holder to Pipe

Use Part-3 3D printed. Tight It With Screw Knob.  

Step 12: Insert the Small Pipe Into Part-3

Step 13: Insert Part-4 Holder to Pipe

Use Part-4 3D printed.

Step 14: Mount the Light Holder on Part-4

Step 15: Complete Your Assembly

Noted: To counterbalance the Whole bodyweight then some use extra weight to the end of the pipe. Hang some weight at the end of the horizontal pipe. It depends on your camera weight.

Step 16: Final Setup!!!

"Hope you Enjoy to make this project"

If any question about this project just let me know in comment box!!

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    1 year ago

    This is fantastic! Great build :)


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    Glad you like 😊 Thank a million.....