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In this instructable, I am going to make a cordless disc sander using a speed 775 DC motor, some old laptop batteries and a bunch of MDF sheet.

This homemade disc sander is cordless and have good amount of power to sand thick pieces of wood.

The whole project costed me less than 10 USD and the end results are quiet satisfying. The whole unit is spray painted using a maat black paint the finish is professional.

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Step 1: Cutting the Wooden Pieces

The structure is made up of 8mm thick sheet of MDF sheet . All the pieces are cut using a miter saw and all the dimensions are marked on the pieces shown in the picture.

Step 2: Motor and Motor Mount

The motor used to power the tool is a speed 775 DC 12v motor which is readily available. The motor is mounted on the MDF sheet using a pair of 4mm screws.

Step 3: Gluing the Sanding Bed

The structure is glued by starting with the sanding bed. All the parts are glued using super glue.

Step 4: Gluing the Motor Mount

The motor mount is then glued using two side supports to make the overall structure strong enough to withstand the motor vibration.

Step 5: Painting the Body

The structure is painted using a matt black spray paint. This give the whole structure a perfect finish and also act as a wether resistant shield.

Step 6: Mounting the Motor

As the paint dried I have first mounted the motor using two 4 mm Allen screws. Later I have added a motor adapter having a 10mm threading to adapt the standerd 4 inch sanding disc.

Step 7: Sanding Disc

The sanding Disc is a standard 4 inch sanding disc available for 4 inch angle grinder . The disc is screwed to the motor adapter using a washer in between and tightening the disc using a plier

Step 8: Battery Pack

The battery pack is made out of old laptop battery. I have used three lithium pollymer cells having a nominal voltage of 3.7v each cell at a capacity of 2200 mah .The three cells are connected in series so to have an output voltage of nearly 12v.

To charge this battery pack I have added a 5mm charging jack having the centre pin connected to the positive terminal while the outer pin of the jack being connected to the negative terminal. The battery pack is then insulated using some insulation tape and a heat shrink wrap.

Step 9: Wiring Everything

The battery pack is the glued to the structure using some hot glue just below the motor and then the power is connected to the motor through a switch. Both the switch and the charging jacks are glued to the sides of the motor mount.

Step 10: End Results

The end results are nice. Everything comes out neatly and this seems to be a portable tool as it is cordless but still it has lots of power to sand some good amount of wood.

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