Introduction: DIY Cork Board Soldering Station

I made this soldering station as a had bought a helping hand magnifier and soldering iron stand but the stand was on the right and I'm left handed so was a pain. It's made with just a helping hand magnifier and a Cork notice board and a few nuts bolts and washers oh and a piece of lead

Step 1: The Materials

All you need is;

Cork notice board £2
Helping hand magnifier with soldering iron stand found here

Various nuts bolts and washers

Piece of hardboard or metal


Drill bits

Small screwdriver

Step 2: Disassembly

Firstly you will need to remove the soldering iron stand which is done by taking the bottom plate off and removing the holding screw

You can then use the base of the stand to punch a hole through the Cork board wherever you want it to go. When you attach the stand make sure to use some larger washers top and bottom. As shown in pictures

I intend to cut a piece of lead and place at bottom of washers to give more stability

Step 3: The Stand Base.

Now you will want to get the bottom of the stand and tape it to your piece of wood or metal in order to mark out some holes. Place a small screwdriver through the hole that are use to fix the base to the stand and make the wood or metal. Now grab your drill and bit and drill 2 holes big enough for you bolt to fit through. Now separate the base from wood and drill the holes that you marked earlier ( these are so you can remove stand from base to change batteries )

Step 4: Putting It Together

You will now need to make the holes for the bolts to go through to attach the 2 pieces together. I did this by placing base where I wanted it and used the drill bit to punch it though by hand. Now attach the 2 pieces together using your chosen nuts and bolts. Now turn the board over and punch out the hold to place the fixing screws ( I only used the top 3 as I used a longer screw and washer as an extra fixing for the plate). Once you have attached the plate and base together you can attach the stand back on and you all done. In total this took me about and hour most of which was spent hand drilling as mine had broke and hunting round in the shed for bits and bobs.