Introduction: DIY Cozmo Robot Expressions

DYI Cozmo robot, it's the "coolest robot ever invented" and now the cheapest! I saw the video for Anki's Cozmo robot and knew I had to make mine have a personality like that.

Step 1: Components Required

  1. Arduino Robot (I suggest my Arduino Robot for under $5)
  2. OLED I2C Display (I found one for $3.10)
  3. LCD Mount (I just made a box out of cardboard)

This spunky little robot could cost you less than $9, if you pick the right robot.

Step 2: Programming and Assembly

  1. Load the code attached below into your Arduino robot (as per instructions provided with your robot)
  2. Plug the LCD into the correct I2C and power pins on the Arduino (as per the LCD instructions)
  3. Fit the LCD mount onto the robot
  4. Attach the LCD to the mount Power the robot And watch the fun begin.

Step 3: Make a New Expression

  1. Unzip the "Image2Code.jar" file attached below (I can't remember where I got this app, but it sure is handy)
  2. Double click on the jar file to run it (requires java on your machine)
  3. Select "Choose a file", pick the new file you created, and click "Open"
  4. Click down in the text below the picture that the app generated
  5. Press Ctrl+A to select all of the text and then Ctrl+C to copy it

Next Steps:

I plan to make additional expressions and change them when sensors are activated. I’ve also uploaded some

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