Introduction: DIY Craft Foam Shoe Charm Bracelets

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When looking for party favors for an upcoming birthday party, I came across some inexpensive shoe charms that I thought would be perfect.  I wanted a cute way to present them, though.  I wasn't about to buy Crocs-style shoes for everybody, and even the silicone charm bracelets were a bit pricey.  So, I decided to make my own.  I was actually quite surprised that I couldn't find anybody else who had done it yet.  Thus, the instructable...

You will need:
-Craft Foam
-Hole puncher
-Scissors or, preferably, a paper cutter
-Plastic snaps and snap pliers
If you don't have/want to buy snaps, you can fasten them with a shoe charm

Step 1: Step 1: Cut Craft Foam Strips

First, cut the craft foam into strips just over a centimeter wide using a paper cutter.  You can obviously use scissors or a craft knife to cut them if you don't have a paper cutter, but the paper cutter insures straight cuts quickly and easily. 

Step 2: Punch Holes

Punch holes along the length of the foam strip, using a regular paper puncher.  Leave a bit of space at the ends for the snap closure.  If you aren't going to use a snap (or velcro or glue) for the closure, though, you can punch to the very ends, and close the bracelet by pushing a charm through both holes at the same time.

Step 3: Add Plastic Snaps

Using the snap pliers, place snaps on the ends of the bracelet.  Make sure you orient them in the right way to get the bracelet to close correctly.  (See the second picture if in doubt.)

Step 4: Add Your Shoe Charms and Snap Closed

Carefully push the backs of your charms into the holes on the bracelet on an angle, like you would do with a pair of Crocs or Croc-like shoes.  Be careful since the craft foam is more delicate than the silicone bracelets or a pair of shoes.  It's probably best for an adult to do this part, if not it is very likely that you will end up with a ripped bracelet.  
I was worried that the craft foam wouldn't stretch enough to allow for putting in and taking the charms out.  In the end, though, I was pleasantly surprised that it worked out well, even with the charms with the bigger sized backs.

Step 5: Possible Issues

I have found that the plastic snaps don't all snap together with the same strength.  One of my snap's closures was very strong, making it almost impossible to open.  I was unable to re-open the snap without breaking the craft foam.  On most of the bracelets, though, I could open the snap again without any problems.  In any case, those bracelets that I was afraid to unsnap, actually stretch enough to fit over my hand without having to open them and without the bracelet breaking.

Step 6: Wear Your New Charm Bracelet With Pride

Either snap the bracelet around your wrist, or slip the closed bracelet over your hand onto your wrist.  You are finished, and can show off your new charm bracelet with pride.  

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