Introduction: DIY Crayon Lipstick (coconut Oil Free)

If you are a lot like me you love beauty tips and diy's. I have recently found a way to make diy lipstick from crayons! It is made of ingredients that you do have around your house. Other recipes have ingredients with coconut oil but I never have any of it on hand. Here is a way that is simpler and relatively cheap.

Step 1: What You Need

For one cosmetic container or Chapstick container of lipstick:
1 tbs of vegetable oil
3/4 of a crayon - any colour!
A lip stick container or cosmetic container
Muffin tin or small bowl
Boiling water

Step 2: Perpetration

Now make sure your area is covered in newspaper or paper towels as this project is very messy (I learned the hard way!). Then take you muffin tin and flip it upside down. Take a sheet of tinfoil and wrap it around the muffin tin to make a bowl. You will melt the crayons in this and it is way easier for clean up. You can also use a glass jar or cups stead of tinfoil.

Step 3: Reaping Day

Now choose your crayon of choice. Make sure you un wrap him and break him into little pieces. This helps for a quicker melting process! Then add your veggie oil and place in the pot of boiling water. You can also do various combos of colours if you feel experimental! I chose a red strawberry colour and put some old lip smackers in for a strawberry cent!

Step 4: Melting

Then the wax and oil will start to melt. Make sure you constantly stir and blend them together. This is the messiest part because I spilled the wax concoction into the water so try keep your zen!

Step 5: Cooling

Once all the crayon has melted then you can pour it into your containers. I like the tinfoil because then I can also pinch the rims of the bowl to creat a spout to pour the lipstick put of! Put the container in the freezer for 5-10 minutes to harden and throw out the tinfoil. Then voila! Cheap lipstick that is creamy and vibrant and only costs a penny!

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