Introduction: DIY Creative Spaces for Kids: the Coolest Kid in Da House

About: We are an Italy-based company, who produces angular connectors, made by high-quality materials. Playwood is an innovative assembly system: As a constructions toy, you can easily create your own furntiure. The …

A new baby is recently born at home: my sister’s a mum! I’m so full of joy and hope for my nephew that I really wanted to give him something useful, warm and iconic.

I visited so many shops and stores with basically no result: toys were out of discussion, both for the cost and because he’s only 2 weeks old; I must tell you, I was kind of frustrated until an idea came up: Do you - 90’s kid - remember those small houses we used to play with at the seaside? I do, and I want my nephew to know them as I do.

Step 1: Why PlayWood?

I wasn’t really confident about the project, so I started thinking about the design and the possible development of my DIY kid’s house.

I went to a DIY store where I bought some wooden panels made of fir layers with a thickness between 16 and 19 mm ( ¾” and ⅞”). Beside wooden panels I also bought some angle connectors of two different width: I choose the connectors made by PlayWood because they are full recycled, durable and versatile; but in order to realize this project also metallic angle are adeqaute.

Step 2: What Do I Need?

So, to summarize, I used:

  • 4 PlayWood Connectors 90°
  • 4 PlayWood Connectors 105°
  • 2 PlayWood Connectors 105°
  • 2 Fir layers Boards 60 x 40 cm - 23,62” x 15,75”
  • 1 Fir layers Board 40 x 30 cm - 15,75” x 11,81”
  • 1 Fir layers Board 68 x 40 cm - 26,77” x 15,75”
  • 1 Fir layers Board 89 x 40 cm - 35,03” x 15,75”

Step 3: How Do I Build It?

I started joining the tallest panel with two 105° connectors, than I added two more 150° connectors and another wooden panel to these connectors.

Doin so, I obtained the first wall of my project and consequently the roof.

I added two more 105° Connectors to another wooden panel and built the second wall. In the end, I added 4 connectors 90°, two per each wall and the last wooden board and I created the basement of my kid’s house.

Step 4: What Are You Waiting For

In few steps and a total amount of 10 minutes I created, in my opinion, the best gift ever for my little nephew.

The best part of this project is that, since I didn’t drill or nail the material I could easily reuse or fold the project once I need. This sustainable assembly system is the best I’ve tried so far and I am sincerely glad I get to know it!

Step 5: Tutorial