Introduction: DIY Cunstruction Crane Toy

This is a little project that came to mind after doing some mobiles for some friend's babies. The little boys are growing up and it made perfect sense to create something more complex and enjoyable. I would like also to do something for my own kids, in the future

We're all civil engineers so the crane is a great piece of equipment that we all can relate and enjoy.

It's quite simple so I'll only post some images so you can get an idea of what to do. In the end there will be a video so you can see it operating.

Feel free to ask anything or favorite the project.

Let's get started! ;)

Step 1: All the Parts

So... there's the base, wich is removable, the main tower and the horizontal arm.

Along the tower there are two cables - one for lift and one for torque stregth, so that the arm can be folded or made higher by hooking the end of the cable on a lower hook, without messing with the screw in the rotation axel.

Materials are (metric system):

- 100x10 mm board

- 20x20 mm beam

- 15x10 mm beam

- 20mm diameter wood dowels

- 8mm diameter wood dowels

- Clothing rack polie x2

- 2mm camping cord

- S shaped hooks x2

- Screw eyes - half a dozen

Step 2: All the Parts (cont.)

The base has two operating leavers - one for lift, which wenches the cable that goes along the arm and down the polie. This leaver has a spring released safety pin so that the hauled cargo weight doesn't make it unscrew.

The second leaver is attached to the base itself and operates the rotation of the entire structure - I had to pin the cable to the knob for it to have grip to rotate the entire thing. Pin it and give a couple of turns before attaching it to the body and you'll be fine.

Step 3: Noted Problem

When I painted the damn thing I increased the friction between the base and the crane's body so it stopped rotating.

I solved it by adding a washer ans two small rounded poin feet (because the washer is smal and the structure tilted)

Step 4: Video

You can see the video of me operating the crane here: DIY Toy Crane

OR (the thumbnail is busted and youtube wont let me choose another :( )

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