Introduction: DIY Cupcake Stand

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This is an easy project that can be made with items you purchase from the dollar store.

Step 1: What You Need!

2-3 plates (depending how tall you want it.)

1-2 Candlestick holders

Glue ( I use E9000)

Spray paint

Step 2: Spray the Candle Stick Holders

You want to put some paper or plastic down in a well ventilated area or outside and spray the candlestick holders all around. I sprayed the inside of mine as well.

Let dry completely

Step 3: Assembly

What you want to do now is glue all around the bottom of your candlestick holder

Next you are going to place the candlestick holder in the center of the first plate.

Step 4: Final Step

Now you will glue the top of the candlestick holder and place your second plate on top of that.

Allow time to dry.

Once everything is dry make sure to wash your project with warm soapy water and its ready for use.

Happy Baking!

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