Introduction: DIY Curtain Rods and Brackets

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I made my own curtain rods and brackets using materials I found at a hardware store! And, I was able to save over $200 in making them myself!


10ft electrical conduit
1 Conduit Cutter
2 Conduit clips for every 1 curtain rod
2 1" "L" Brackets with screws for every 1 curtain rod
Metal Screws


Step 1: Determine the diameter that you want your curtain rods to be
Step 2: Purchase the electrical conduit in 10ft lengths, at the desired diameter
Step 3: Purchase all other hardware and tools
Step 4: Assemble the Curtain Rod Brackets using the conduit clips, "L" brackets, metal screws, and wingnuts. See attached picture for example.
Step 5: Cut the electrical conduit using the cutter to desired length for your window
Step 6: Mount the brackets at desired positioning on your wall.  
Step 6: Attach curtains to rods, and hang.  

More information and details can be found here: