DIY Custom Grip Tape Already on a Skateboard!




Introduction: DIY Custom Grip Tape Already on a Skateboard!

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DIY Custom Skateboard Grip Tape instructable, also known as "What doesn't a father do for his son?" :)

At the age of 43 I started taking skating lessons together with my 6 year old son because he nagged me all day long to teach him... and since I can't teach what I don't know, the most logical decision was to sign us both at a professional skate school ;)

So one of those things that newbies like us some times struggle is the difference between the "nose" and the "tail" of the skateboard.

My skate has a different colour for the tail on the grip tape so it's kind of easy to know, but my son's skate doesn't, so I looked around on the internet for some ideas on how to do something to help solve this problem... I wanted to do something that would be effective but also artistic and fun!

So eventually I came across all sorts of pre-cut grip tapes designs, but I already have a grip tape applied and I don't want to wast it!

What if I could apply this concept to an already applied grip tape, with the benefits of doing my custom design?

You may not need to do this for the "nose/tail" reason, but it's still an amazing custom detail feature... they say the skateboard is an extension of your body, so what better way to make it really feel your own?

Also, even if you don't skate but have kids or grand-kids who do, you might want to do this in case you want them to worship you ;)

Step 1: Choose Your Desired Graphic (from Internet Clipart)

Ask your kid what's his favourite logo and google for it ;)

My son told me that he's was Kai from LEGO NINJAGO

Step 2: Decide Where to Cut It (goofy or Regular?)

My son is goofy so this means that his right foot is upfront and his left foot is on the back, so I decided to cut it on the left side which is the side he'll be facing when standing on the skateboard.

I made many more mock-ups for him to choose... but he had already made his decision ;)

I've included the *.PSD file just in case anyone would like to test their own design, and/or if they want to see how it looks if you change sides.

Step 3: Print Your Graphic

After you're satisfied with your choice, print your graphic with the desired dimensions.

Step 4: Gather Your Tools

You'll need an X-Acto knife or a very sharp razor blade, transparent duck tape, patience, time and firm hands ;)

Step 5: Start Cutting

Apply the transparent duck tape all over the graphic and around the board to hold it down.

Step 6: Keep Cutting Until It's All Done

Take your time and cut it all, use the graphic as your guide while slicing the grip tape until you fell the wood.

When it's done you can remove the paper and you'll see your work... now cut again those lines once more (this time only on the grip tape, you don't need the paper anymore).

Step 7: Start Peeling

Now carefully start peeling, if something resists don't force it just cut it again a little deeper... keep calm and have patience, it's going to pay off, believe me ;)

Step 8: Test It and Enjoy Your Kid's Screams of Joy!

Now this is the best part... when your kid goes nuts!

I've got to praise his choice, the board looks alive even when it's sitting in the corner!

P.S.: Check again my mock-ups you'll realize that you can use anything you want, the limit is your imagination!

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    that's so sweet!


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    Thanks ;)


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    Updated with mockups for A L I E N and Alien vs Predator