Introduction: DIY Custom LED Cat Crib

The DIY Custom LED Cat Crib is a low-cost project for any maker. This simplistic design allows the build to be completed in under an hour! You can customize by adding stickers and paint. Your furry feline will surely enjoy the carpeted interior with adjustable LED settings and you will enjoy the simplistic design and low-cost.


(5) 20 in x 30 in foam core boards

(1) Hot glue gun with glue sticks

(1) Box cutter

(1) LED Light Strip with Remote

(1) USB Power Brick

(1) Ruler

(1) Pencil



Step 1: Prepare the Foam Boards

Remove the Stickers from the foam boards. Measure and cut out: Side Panels 1 & 2, Roof Panel, Front-Facing Panel, and Rear-Facing Panel.

Tip: Cut in long, slow passes. Don't cut the through the board in one stroke, take multiple passes to get clean lines. The cleaner the lines, the more symmetrical and easier to glue

Step 2: Gluing the Joints

Plug in the glue gun with sticks inserted and rest on a table or hard surface.

Using the heated gun, glue one side panel on each side of an unaltered foam board. Add the rear panel using a thin line of glue along the shorter edge of the side panels. Reinforce the structure with thicker lines of hot glue along the inside edges. Add the roof panel using a thin line of glue, then reinforce the inside edges.

Step 3: Interior

Slowly line the ceiling of the structure with the LED strip. Make sure the strip goes in as straight as possible, corners are a little tricky! The USB cord connected to the LED should come out the back of the structure.

Line half of the base board with hot glue and line up the carpet with the inside edges.

Once satisfied, glue on the front panel

Step 4: Success!

Plug in the USB into the power brick and add your cat's favorite toys and a few treats. The crib can be customized with paint and stickers. Enjoy!

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