Introduction: DIY Customized Monopoly

This Christmas, I decided to make my family a beautiful DIY Monopoly from scratch. I used the basic monopoly board and Photoshop to make the final product. With these instructions, you can make a Monopoly for your family, friends or just for yourself. This is my first inscrutable so I hope you like it!! If you want to buy one from me then please leave a comment! I will consider to start selling them!

Step 1: Getting the Materials

You Will Need:

-The Board: I used an old Monopoly Millionaire Board (However, any Monopoly board will work just fine) I recommend the original size which is about 20 inches by 20 inches :

- 32 houses and 12 hotels. I used the houses from Monopoly Millionaire as they looked nice, but you can use the houses and hotels from the original monopoly. I will provide some links to just the houses and hotels if you have a board but not the houses and hotels.

- A color printer or a local print shop

- Cardstock (optional but highly recommended)

- Exacto Knife or Scissocrs

Step 2: Making the Board

First, open this link to get all the templates for the game. You will be needing Photoshop in order to use the template. I highly recommend this template, as it is easy to use and provides all the necessary information.

Template :

Note: I cannot provide screenshots of the board for my family's privacy reasons but I will include pictures of what it should look like.

Step 3: Making the Money

OPTION 1: For the money, you want to use a money maker. You can just search up a dollar bill maker and you can put in the faces of who you are giving it to. I put my cousins faces on each of the dollar bills. Then, print them out to any size. I personally like small sizes but you can do any size. It will be helpful to print them the size of the original money so that you can use the box to store them in.

OPTION 2: You can also just use the plain monopoly money from the box. If you like how the original money is, you can totally keep that money. Since the monopoly millionaire money overall looks nice you can keep that as well.

NOTE: I have included pictures of both choices! You can pick which ever one you would do. I personally like how the money looks all personalized but anything works!!

Step 4: Making the Cards

For the cards, use the same template as the board! It is very simple and easy to use that as in is essentialy an all in one. For the cards, think of a creative name for your property. I will show you how I thought of my names.

Since my uncle owns a company, I decided to make one property space his company's name.

Since my cousin loves baking, I decided to put his name and Bakery. I made one space for each of my cousins and one for each of my aunts and uncles. Since there are four sides in a monopoly board, if you have four family's you can give each of them there own row. I had four families so i put all the names together.

Ex: My four cousins are Nidhi, Nitya, Padma, and Raghu. Since they are a family, I gave them the whole brown and blue row. I gave each of them there own property.

Step 5: Making the Chance and Chest

These are fairly simple to make. Find a template of the cards online and insert them into a google doc. Them write your chance and community chest cards. I recommend keeping the original words on the cards but changing the phrase.

Ex: If the original says "Collect 200" then you can write "Yay! You were walking on the street and saw 200! Collect 200 from the bank since its your lucky day!"

You can also add images to your cards. Add black and white silhouettes of what you want to add. For example if you "Collect 200" you can add a black and white picture of money. This will add a clean look to your cards!


Community Chest list:

Advance to Go (Collect $200) Bank error in your favor– collect $75 Doctor's fees– Pay $50 Get out of jail free– this card may be kept until needed, or sold Go to jail – go directly to jail –Do not pass Go, do not collect $200 It is your birthday Collect $10 from each player Grand Opera Night – collect $50 from every player for opening night seats Income Tax refund – collect $20 Life Insurance Matures – collect $100 Pay Hospital Fees of $100 Pay School Fees of $50 Receive $25 Consultancy Fee You are assessed for street repairs – $40 per house, $115 per hotel You have won second prize in a beauty contest– collect $10 You inherit $100 From sale of stock you get $50 Holiday Fund matures - Receive $100

Chance list: Advance to Go (Collect $200) Advance to Illinois Ave. Advance token to nearest Utility. If unowned, you may buy it from the Bank. If owned, throw dice and pay owner a total ten times the amount thrown. Advance token to the nearest Railroad and pay owner twice the rental to which he/she is otherwise entitled. If Railroad is unowned, you may buy it from the Bank. (There are two of these.) Advance to St. Charles Place – if you pass Go, collect $200 Bank pays you dividend of $50 Get out of Jail free – this card may be kept until needed, or traded/sold Go back 3 spaces Go directly to Jail – do not pass Go, do not collect $200 Make general repairs on all your property – for each house pay $25 – for each hotel $100 Pay poor tax of $15 Take a trip to Reading Railroad – if you pass Go collect $200 Take a walk on the Boardwalk – advance token to Boardwalk You have been elected chairman of the board – pay each player $50 Your building loan matures – collect $150 You have won a crossword competition - collect $100

Step 6: Printing

Print your board on card stock. You can print it on normal paper if you desire, but I strongly recommend card stock as it is more durable! Normal paper will wear and tear over time. I bought my card stock in a pack of one hundred from Office Max. You can use any brand that you want. I personally printed mine on a white card stock but any color works. You can even get yours printed in a print shop.

For the board, you want to carefully cut it out with scissors. I then glued in on the backside of a monopoly board. To make sure it stands the test of time, I put clear book lamination paper over the top.

Lamination Sheet:

You are all complete with the monopoly!! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. This is my first instructables so I really hope you love it. If you want me to start selling these personalized on Etsy, please leave comments. I will be sure to start! Thank You!!

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