Introduction: DIY Cute Gold Beaded Dangling Earrings

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Here is a cute pair of really easy and inexpensive earrings. Any beads can be used for these. You can get really creative and make them your own! Let's get started!

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Step 1: Supplies

You will need

  • gold 11/0 seed beads
  • 4 main HOLLOW gold beads (squares and circles)
  • 2 gold earwires
  • 2 gold crimp (or hollow tube bead you can cut INTO crimp beads)
  • fishing wire (I used 15lb .015 diameter)
  • scissors
  • flat and round nose pliers

Step 2: Cut and Tie Your Fishing Wire

Snip off a piece of fishing wire. You don't have to measure this...just cut off as much as you would like your earring to dangle, then leave about an extra inch or so for tying.

Then double or triple knot one end of the fishing wire and snip off the excess close to the knot.

Step 3: Add Your First Set of Beads

Add your wire through your main bead. As you can see my beads are hollow. Fill up that hollow space as much as you can with seed beads. Then slide it through the other hole of your main hollow bead.

Step 4: Add More Seed Beads

Add 15 seed beads to your wire.

Step 5: Add Your Second Main Bead

Next, add your second main hollow bead. Again, fill the inside with as many seed beads as you can. Then, slide it through the top hole of the hollow bead. Next, add 10 seed beads.

Step 6: Making Gold Crimp Beads (if Necessary)

I do not have any gold crimp beads on hand so I cut a gold hollow tube bead into crimp beads. Skip this step if you have gold crimp beads. =)

Step 7: Add Your Crimp Bead

Add your crimp bead to your wire.

Loop your wire back through the crimp bead going downwards - it will form a loop.

Pull your crimp bead down against your seed beads tightly and pull the wire tight as well so the loop gets really small - it only needs to be big enough for your earwire to attach to.

Use your pliers to squeeze your crimp bead to keep your wire in place.

Now slide your wire through the top 2 seed beads.

Pull the wire tight and snip off the excess wire with your scissors.

The cut edge will now be hidden inside the 2 seed beads.

This sounds difficult but it is actually very easy, you can do it!

Step 8: Add Your Earwire

Use your pliers to open your earwire and slide it through the loop you created above your crimp bead.

Step 9: Repeat for the Other Earring

Repeat all the steps for the 2nd earring and you're all done!

Thank you for viewing my Instructable...I hope you like these earrings!

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