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Introduction: DIY Cute 'N' Little Indoor Plants

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An indoor garden can take up as much or as little space as you are willing to give it.

We live in a flat and hence a large space to set up a garden is definitely not possible. So we had come up with a simple yet elegant and cute indoor plant pots. Its so compact that you can just place it at your desk or as a centre piece for your table.

I had given them to few of my friends to keep them at their office desk. Some of the plants I have planted in these pots are - Mint, Spider plant, burros tail and much more.

Step 1: Materials

Pots - can be plastic or ceramic

A rod or something to poke holes


Plants - Anything indoor kind

Step 2: Prepare You Pot

Here I am going to use the double potting method. This way we can avoid having an extra tray to collect the water.

I would like to introduce you to double potting.

"Some gardeners choose to double pot plants as a method of ensuring proper watering. Double potting uses a plastic bowl-like liner inside a larger pot. The liner has drainage holes and the plants reside inside the plastic liner. Double potting allows gardeners to water a plant and then lift up the liner to let water run freely into the larger pot. The gardener then dumps the excess water and resets the plant. This method eliminates the chance of overwatering. If you've got a beautiful pot that has no drainage holes, double potting allows you to grow plants in the otherwise unusable pot."

So take your plastic pots and with any sharp pointed rod make a small hole. Then with a knife scrape out the excess

Now to make things easier gently heat the rod you are going to use to poke. Plastic will melt easily. Keep your kids out of reach if you are going to heat.

Keep in hand the other pot and do not pierce holes in them.

Step 3: Potting Mix

Then for the muddy part. Use a good compost soil for your little plants.

Potting mix is very important. I used a well moistened manured soil which I got from my native.

Just give a good mix before potting.

Add the soil to the first pot.

Also to limit the frequency of excess water outflow, we have added a small piece of oasis sponge in each pot. Add more soil.

Step 4: Plant Your Little Ones

Now is the time to plant your little ones. Just dig a small hole in the middle and plant your sapling with root.

You have to select the plants based on the place you are going to keep the plants at. Some of the plants need good amount of sunlight so it needs to be in your balcony or outdoors. Some of them needs less sunlight.

So learn about the plants before you place the pots.

Even the watering, temperature, humidity needs vary for each plants. So learn about the plants before you plan to keep them indoors. Some of the plants I have planted in these pots are - Mint, Spider plant, burros tail and much more.

Step 5: Watering the Plants

Once you plant a new sapling, just watch them for two days. There are some situations that the plant just don't get adjusted with the soil. So watch them. Once they have got used with the soil, then it will grow well.

Potting soil should be kept moist, but not wet. So keep a balance between drying the soil and over watering. Most of the plants that are suited for indoor plant would require just moderate watering. I water them once a day and the excess water would drain down the hole of the pot and collect in the pot below. So you can just move out the bottom pot and pour out the excess water.

If kept indoors moderate watering is enough. If kept in place which receives sunlight for few hours the plants may need more water. The water calculation you would come to know just by analysing the way your plants grow.

Step 6: Decorative Indoor Plant

Have the same old pots at home? Try being creative!

How about some colourful pots. Invest in some fancy looking pots or you could make your own.

So I have selected few fancy looking containers and turned them into a plant pot. How to make them plant pots are shown in the previous step. Now add few pebbles to your pot. It would just bring new dimensions to your DIY pots.

You get some good coloured and textured pebbles from pet shops.

Last but not the least, I am a crocheter and so I have added a crochet flower too to make your day full of happiness and joy.

Step 7: Maintenance of the Indoor Plants

You need to regulate the needs of watering, light, humidity, temperature and much more. It comes with practise.

I also add a small amount of fertiliser. NPK ratio is 13:27:27.

The water soluble fertilizer concentrate can be used for seedlings, indoor plants, herbal, aromatic plants, hydroculture and lawns. water soluble fertilizer concentrate helps in controlling fungal infections and thus, offers maximum crop yield.

Method of Application: 5 gms water soluble fertilizer concentrate in 10 litres of water for infant plants. 5gms water soluble fertilizer concentrate in 5 litres of water for mature plants. Drip feed or spray this solution to the crops often.

Note: Natural fertilizers are the best. We use synthetic fertilizers only if very necessary. The main reason is Synthetic fertilizers are water-soluble and can be taken up by the plant almost immediately. But use it very rarely or when extremely essential.

The nutrients in organic fertilizers are not water-soluble and are released to the plants slowly over a period of months or even years. For this reason, organic fertilizers are best applied in the fall so the nutrients will be available in the spring.

Step 8: The Final Indoor Plants

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