Introduction: DIY Cyberpunk Armor

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With this guide, I'll explain how you can make yourself a Cyberpunk armor, based on an hexagonal pattern.

The basic supplies are very simple:

- Leather

- Dye leather (black)

- Staples

Step 1: Prepare Hexes. a Lot of Them

First thing is to prepare a lot of hexes. Cut them from the leather, and then dye them.

There are probably more correct ways to dye the hexes. But... I'm lazy, not gonna deny it.

Step 2: Armor Base

As a base for the armor you're going to want a very thin, yet sturdy, piece of leather.

I've ended up using synthetic leather.

Step 3: Basic Process

The armor building process is pretty simple:

- Position the hexes of the base;

- Put 6 staples for each hex (underneath the base put a piece of foam, so the staples can go through);

- Close the staples on the back of the base;

- Go to step 1;

- Profit?

Step 4: Vambraces

Here is the template for the vambraces. I've put velcro to close it, attaching to the armor with the staples.

Step 5: Pauldrons

Here is template for the pauldrons. Notice the velcro bit near the top.

Step 6: Torso (front)

Here is the template for the torso. I've split it into 3 parts so that you can actually bend forward while wearing it.

Step 7: Torso (back)

Here is the template for the back of the torso.

Step 8: Faulds

Here are the faulds. The velcro on the top creates a ring, so you can put it on a belt.

Step 9: Shoulder & Combine

Here is the template for the shoulder, and how to combine everything for the upper torso.