Introduction: Drone Hard Case With Charger

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Objective: Make a hard side case for a DJI Spark drone and its accessories. I am attempting to make the entire thing from reusable materials I already have.
My goals are: 1. Equipment Protection. 2. Storage for all on the go accessories. 3. Be able to charge batteries on the go ( I.e. in the case when closed or during transportation) 4. Make it look nice 5. Share it with you guys!

Welcome this is my journey to make a awesome DJI spark hard transportation and charging case from recycled materials. I hope you find it useful and enjoy!

Step 1: Materials I Reused and Tools I Needed.

Dremel and various tips
Oscillating saw/ flush cut saw
Razor blades
Sand paper
Measuring tools
Plastic welder iron

Medium size Parts case (I think this one came from Maynard’s)
Treadmill floor protector

3M mounting tape


Label maker

Step 2: Let’s See What We Have or Can Re-purpose.

For the case I grabbed a used parts separator destined for the land fill. It had all its latches and hinges kinda beat up (good find). It’s for a drone so it must have some sort of padding, foam or tool box drawer mats were the first things that came to mind. I used a scrap piece from a treadmill floor protector to line the bottom of the case. Weatherstripping scraps from my garage door to use as side bumpers and to keep things in place. Some cleaning, sanding and a touch of paint to finish.

Step 3: Making the Plan! by Far the Most Important and Frustrating Part!

Take your time here to make a plan so you don't cut something out you may want later. I begin to figure out a layout that will accomplish my goals. I want to fit: The spark, 3 battery charger base capable of charging inside of the case, remote, phone, cords/ cables, accessories, and spare parts.
I tried a few different layouts before I settled on this one. I tried to maximize useable space and practicality for travel and on the go use.
Please let me know in the comments if you make it and show me how your layout.

Step 4: Cutting: Point of No Return. and Sanding and Smoothing and a Small Bit of Massaging...

Having all the sections marked that I need to remove, I begin to cut the dividers with saw (slats for dividers) and Dremel for the rest. A sharp chisel and a hair dryer works good if you have the angle. I marked and cut a oval for the charging power plug in the handle side to be able to charge everything inside the case or on the go. Then smoothed all the rough edges with the razor blade, sandpaper , and wire wheel Dremel tip. Sharp corners are bad very bad. I used my plastic welder to attach small bits of plastic to hold the power brick tight to the front and to the bottom. Attaching the battery charger to the lid made sense, so I removed the small ridges so I could use mounting tape to hold it in place. Making sure that all my parts fit where I intended with a quick dry fit, and I was ready for the next step.

Step 5: Finishing Touches and I Am Ready to Go!

With the foam in and a little cable management I made the final product. To keep everything in place I used 3M mounting tape for holding the battery charger, and Velcro straps through the foam padding for the cables. The controller charging cable was ran under the foam on bottom. I labeled the exterior plug port for easy 3rd party use(i.e. the kids).

So i was able to accomplish my goals. I can charge everything while the case is closed. The case keeps everything safe, all my accessories fit inside, and well organized. i would have no problem putting this in a check bag to take it on vacation.

So to recap I used a discarded parts case, treadmill foam scraps, leftover weather striping, and some imagination to make a great case for my drone with out having to buy anything. I hope you enjoyed this Instructable, and remember its not junk unless you think it is! Please let me know if this is helpful in the comments as I only do these things to help people like me in the community.

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