Introduction: DIY DRILL BIKE

This is a drill bike. It is very simple and easy to make. Anybody can do it. It can get you places without even pedaling. It isn't loud and it can go pretty fast. This is how you can make it.

Step 1: Tools

These are the tools you will need. Make sure the drill bits are the right size for the bike and nails you have. You can find these items at a near tool shop. You will need to have a hammer, nails, drill, drill bits, washers, rubber hammer, screw driver, knife just incase if you need to cut wire, pencil, and pliers. You will need these items to build this project.

Step 2: Drill Holder

You will need two pieces of wood to have a stable place for your drill to fit. The size of the wood will determine the size of the bike and drill. You can see in the picture you will need to drill one hole into the longer piece of wood. The hole will go through the nail. The nail will go through where the kick stand will be. If the kick stand is there just simply remove it. Put the nail in its spot and put the piece of wood through it. Make it stay with a nut and washer. Make it tight with a wrench. The other square flat piece of wood put 1-3 holes into the right bottom corner for it to attach to the longer piece of wood. Drill 1-3 nails through the holes so it is stable.

Step 3: Remove Pedal Leg

For this step depending on the type of bike you have remove the pedal with the necessary tool. In this case for this bike you might have to go to a local bike shop to get it removed like me.

Step 4: Brake Wire

For this step detach the back brake from the back of the bike. You do not need a tool for this. You can use your hands or pliers to take it off. Once you have it off measure how much wire you need for the drill to have enough tension so if you press the brake it will go. You connect the wire to the long piece of wood with nails and washers. The the washers in the nail and drill the nails in. You can use 1-4 nails and washers.

Step 5: Drill Placement

Put the drill onto the piece of wood so the wire is wrapping around the trigger of the drill. You can put tape around the drill and wood to make it more steady. Get the right drill bit size and connect the drill to where the pedal used to be.