DIY: Decopodge Journal



Introduction: DIY: Decopodge Journal

This is a fun and easy way to turn a boring plain journal, into a unique and personal master peice! 

Step 1: Gather Materials Needed

You will need:

-Plain Journal
-Paint brush 
-Modpodge (or water mixed with glue) 

Step 2: Cut Out What You Like

First off, Using scissors cut out pictures,patterns and words out of the magazines. Find things that you like.The clippings should be both big and small. 

Step 3: Glue Base/first Layer

Using the Modpodge and a paintbrush, glue the largest clippings on to the cover of the journal. They should overlap. This is like a base layer or a back ground. 

Step 4: Glue the Small Pictures

Now, glue the  ModPodge on top  of the first/base layer. Next, cover over the first layer of magazine clippings with your smaller more detailed pictures. Remember, they should overlap and can cover each other. arrange them how you think looks best. 

Step 5: Glue Words, Phrases and Letters

Now, using the paint brush and modpodge glue words around/on top of the pictures. (You can also use letters to spell things out) 
The words come after pictures so that they done get covered up. 

Step 6: Gloss Over It All

Last of all, using the paint brush and ModPodge glue a final gloss over the full cover. (It dries clear!) 

Step 7: Embellish

Finally, After the glossy layer is dry. (If you want) add cute buttons glitter or ribbon. Make the journal unique to you!

Step 8: Do the Back Cover

SInce the front cover of your journal is complete, Decopodge the back! Use the same steps again if needed! 

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