Introduction: DIY Desk Lamp for Soldering


Whenever I get in to that make spree, I just do it really fast, as each step I complete, it gives me dopamine and after all is done and I'm happy, I think to my self, I should have clicked more pictures to shown the progress, for me to drool on and others to learn what I did. I'll explain as much as possible in text.

Things needed

  • Scrap wood
  • scrap piece of acrylic
  • coolant nozzle
  • A base, can be wood or the empty smps box as shown
  • nut and bolt
  • LED module(you can make your own, If I do an instruct-able on it, I'll link it here)
  • 12V DC power source.

This project is an add on for my solder fume extractor. I had the coolant nozzle lying around and my recent visit to the electronics shop I picked up a led module which has 24 white bright leds, just give 12v dc.

Take the scrap wood, drill 10mm hole and screw in the coolant nozzle and hot glue it fix it. In the picture there are three coolant nozzle, but you need just one. Drill another hole for the bolt. Drill a hole in the smps box of the same size as that of the bolt. Fix the scrap wood with nozzle attached to the smps box using the nut. Take a acrylic piece, mark the mounting holes for the led module,drill. Drill a bigger hole of 12 mm pass the acrylic piece on the coolant nozzle end and fix it with hot glue. Attach the led module using m3x10 and nuts, connect the power and you are golden.